Monday, March 22, 2010

Allergy Sufferer? Why You Need An Air Purifier

By Owen Jones

There are various forms of air purifier systems, so it can
be difficult to know what someone means when they are talking
about air purifying. For instance, all air conditioning
units and most central heating systems have some form of air
purification built in. In deed, the air purification filters
in most split air conditioning units are very advanced. A
similar add-on unit can be purchased for most central
heating and central conditioning systems.

However, you may not require heating or cooling units, but
you may want a dedicated air purifier. Air purification
units can greatly increase your quality of life,
particularly if you suffer from an allergy or live with a
smoker or pets.

Air purifiers or air cleaners, as they are also identified,
clean the air of pollutants and foreign bodies. However,
some air purifiers are more advanced than others, so it is a
good idea to identify what you want to remove from your air
before you buy one.

This is because not all machines will take all kinds of
filters and not all filters will eliminate all pollutants.
Some will, but not all. So if you want to clean pollen out
of the air because you suffer from hay fever, check with the
dealer that the unit that you like, can do the job.

Air purifiers will greatly help allergy sufferers and some
people do not realize that they have an allergy. Some people
are allergic to pet hairs, or dog and or cat skin particles
or smoke or traffic pollutants like tyre rubber to speak
nothing of the exhaust fumes that none of us like. So, if
you live near a road or a factory, or keep a cat or a dog,
you live with a smoker or you suffer from hay fever, an air
purifier would most likely be beneficial to you.

How you do this is clearly up to you. If you have a central
air conditioning unit already, it is probably better for you
to install an air purification system near your blower. This
method is relatively cheap ($300 - $1,000), but it will
purify the air in the whole house.

If you live in a bedsit, a trailer or a caravan and it gets
hot where you live, a split air con system is probably
better for you, but if you just want to purify the air
immediately around you, then a portable air purifier will

One word of caution though, many of the cheaper portable air
purifying units are worse than useless because they are
burning your electricity without giving you any benefit.
These cheap models do not have the power to purify large
volumes of air and they do not have filters that are capable
of blocking the allergens that trouble us.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on many
subjects, but is currently involved with
split air conditioning systems. If you are interested in
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