Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melt The Fat Away With These Fat Burning Foods

By Tiffany Blanchard

It's extremely important to maintain a healthy body since
being overweight can cause a variety of health problems.
Many Americans have a very poor diet that is nutritionally
inept due to the fact that processed foods make up the bulk
of their diet. This can result in not only weight gain
through added fat, but poor health, as well.

Luckily, there is an easy way to help fix this problem.
There are certain foods that actually help you burn more fat
than others. So, let's jump in and see how these fat burning
foods can help you!

Now, you may think that just by eating foods you are going
to lose a ton of weight. In order to lose a large amount of
weight you must create a calorie deficit and it helps to
exercise. However, these fat burning foods will aid in the
process of shedding the fat on your body

The word you need to become familiar with is the word
thermogenic. This means that your body must use its own
energy to digest them so that you can use the nutrition from
them to live. All food that you consume is a thermogenic
food. However, there are some truly great thermogenic foods
that you can eat so you can burn fat efficiently.

Turkey and chicken are great fat burning foods. The breasts
of these foods are not fatty, but very lean. They are high
in quality protein so that you can grow muscle and burn fat.
They are very healthy foods.

Game meats are very good fat burning meats. The type we are
talking about are venison and elk meat. Elk meat is not
usually what people eat, but deer meat is more to people's
liking. If you are not a fan of bison you may be soon after
you eat it since it is very tasty and a great fat burner.

It has been known for some time that any fish is very good
for you. Tuna is a fish that is most consumed by the average
person, but any fish that you buy will have great fat
burning properties. Another example is salmon.

Egg whites are another great fat burner, and they are
relatively inexpensive. All of these are rich in protein and

These are great fat burning foods that will make a
difference in how you feel. They are easy to prepare and
they taste great, while giving you the protein you need to
build muscle and burn fat.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Walking Is A Fantastic Form Of Exercise

By Hamish Hayward

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise that's suitable for
the vast majority of people. It's a low impact workout which
has, in comparison with other sports and exercise methods, a
very low risk of injury. It can be fitted into your schedule
whenever it suits you best - there's no need to find the
time to squeeze in a trip to the gym, and no monthly
membership fees to pay either.

There's no shortage of opportunities to introduce walking
into your daily routine. One very common suggestion is to
leave your car at home and walk to work or school. Even if
the distance involved means that that isn't a realistic
option for you then just take the car as normal but park it
in the faraway corner of the parking lot. If you travel on
the bus or the subway then maybe you could get off a couple
of stops early and walk the remainder of the way. During
your lunch hour, go for a short ten or fifteen minute walk
around the block.

These relatively small changes to your daily routine can, if
applied consistently, provide you with some very significant
benefits. Walking can reduce the risk of heart problems and
stroke as well as helping to reduce blood pressure levels.
It can help to combat anxiety and depression and it will
help you to sleep better. It can even lower the risk of
certain types of cancer - and recent studies suggest that it
may help to avoid Alzheimer's disease. Regular walking will
give you more energy and leave you feeling less tired during
the day. Walking on a regular basis will also help you to
lose weight - which for many people will be one of the most
attractive benefits.

That's an incredible list of benefits for an activity which
can be performed by the vast majority of people and which
requires no equipment apart from a pair of comfortable
shoes. If you want, you can get special exercise shoes which
will increase the effectiveness of your walking workout -
but a stout pair of shoes that don't give you blisters is
all that's really needed.

One piece of inexpensive equipment which you may find useful
- but which isn't strictly necessary - is a pedometer. These
can be worn on your belt or tucked away discreetly in your
pocket and will display your results in terms of the number
of steps taken, the distance covered or the number of
calories burned. You may find it easier to stay motivated
and keep walking consistently when you have some data to
work with.

If you don't already own one, then an mp3 player might be
something else to consider. It's not strictly necessary -
but the miles and the time will pass much faster when you're
listening to your favorite tunes.

It's almost incredible to think that such small changes in
your daily routine can produce such significant health
benefits for you. Make walking an integral part of your
daily routine. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll feel
the benefit.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

How To Fail At Weight Loss

By Galilee Barbarossa

Millions of people in America are trying to lose weight
without much success. There are many reasons for this
failure, although most would rather give up than fix their
mistakes. Weight loss is hard! Without a little patience and
knowledge about nutrition and exercise, your best weight
loss plan may crumble. Learning the top reasons why weight
loss plans fails is important so that you do not make these
mistakes in your own life.

First, many weight loss plans fail because the people trying
to lose weight follow too strict of a diet.
When you cut
back your calories, you will burn more than you eat, so
you'll lose weight, right? If you do this gradually, then
yes, it works like a charm. However, if you suddenly cut too
many, you won't lose any weight at all because you
metabolism will slow down. You also put yourself at danger
of not getting enough of the vitamins, minerals, proteins,
and other nutrients you need every single day in order to
stay healthy.

Another common mistake is trying to go at weight loss alone.
Everything you do regarding weight loss, from dieting to
exercising, will be a hundred times easier if you have a
partner because you will push each other not to quit.
Working with a support system on a large scale is also
important. Your friends and family should know that you are
attempting to lose weight so that they can help you in the
process, and not tempt you by doing things like baking you
cookies or taking up your gym time. Also, remember that
professionals, like doctors and trainers, should be part of
the weight loss plan to help you shed the pounds.

Setting unrealistic goals is another good way to fail at a
weight loss plan.
When you set goals that you can't easily
reach, you push yourself to move forward and will feel
successful even if you fall short. However, when you set
impossible goals, you will find that you are easily
frustrated. Don't weigh in every day, don't completely cut
out all of the foods you eat on a regular basis, and don't
exercise to much right away. Gradually build up to reaching
the goals you really want for your life, but smart out with
smaller ideas.

Lastly, simply know yourself. Weight loss plans fail when
you attempt to be something you are not. Maybe you have wide
hips-a weight lose plan won't completely change that, for
example. You have to be happy with yourself on the inside
before you change things on the outside in order to succeed
at losing weight.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Want A Healthy Heart? Exercise In The Correct Heart Rate Zone

By Javier Eis

Everyone understands that exercising is vital to staying
healthy; however a lot of people are unaware of the fact
that when they exercise they should stay within a
predetermined range. This range is called the Heart Rate
Zone(hrz). Working out within this given range is important
not only when trying to lose weight, but also for overall
heart health.

In order to find out your heart rate zone you first need to
figure out your maximum heart rate. This is done by taking
the number 220 and subtracting your age. For example if you
are 20 years old you would take 220 minus 20 and get an
answer of 200, therefore your maximum heart rate is 200
beats per minute.

When you have completed the process for finding your mhr you
can then move on to determining where your hrz is. Next take
your mhr and times it by sixty percent and again times
eighty percent. The two new numbers you now have make up the
book ends of your heart rate zone.

These bookends are what you want to keep your heart rate in
while you are exercising. By doing this you are making sure
that your heart is able to efficiently keep oxygenated blood
circulating around your body. If there comes a point where
your heart is working too hard or not hard enough your body
will not have the oxygen it needs to continue with the
workout or activity.

By staying in this provided range you are also effectively
burning calories. As we all know the more calories you burn
the less that are left to turn into fat. This heart rate
zone allows your body to do double duty in keeping your
heart working effectively while also helping you to burn
those extra calories.

This is also important for losing weight as well. If your
body is able to work effectively delivering nutrients and
oxygen to the muscles and organs that need it you will be
able to continue moving. This will allow you to burn more
calories and in the end lose more weight.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Try Freezer Cooking For Tasty, Economical Meals

By Christine Szalay-Kudra

A lot of people enjoy cooking every night but it can become
boring. If you have a busy day, having to think about what
to make for dinner can be stressful, especially if you are
going to have very little time to cook that day.

The easy solution is to cook once a week or once a month,
divide the food into portions and freeze it. Another name
for this once a month (or week) cooking is freezer cooking.
Imagine spending one day making a month's worth of dinners
and then having twenty nine days where you do not have to
cook. Looking at it like that, it is easy to see the appeal
of once a month cooking.

The Best Recipes for Once a Month Cooking

There are all kind of meals, which freeze well, and they
will taste just as nice when they are thawed as when you
first made them. Cooking big batches of food is a real
time saver and if you have a busy weeknight coming up, you
can simply thaw your family's evening meal in the
refrigerator overnight and it will be ready to warm through
in the evening.

You can often get great discounts when you buy in bulk. A
big package of boneless chicken pieces, for example, works
out cheaper per pound than buying a pair of chicken thighs
or chicken breasts. Perhaps you spot some ground lamb on
special offer one week or turkey another week.

There are freezer recipes for all kinds of meats, poultry,
and fish. Meat and poultry in sauces and soups keep for up
to six months. You might want to make some tasty family
favorites like
chicken curry or beef stew. Beef bourguignon, chicken tacos,
and beef lasagna are other freezer cooking ideas.

Freezer Cooking Tips

Pick a day when you will not have many commitments or
interruptions. Make sure there is enough space in your
freezer and make sure you have all your necessary
ingredients ready. Remember too that you can save time
buying other frozen foods on special offer like precooked
meatballs or cooked shrimp. Simply add these to your thawed
meals to liven them up.

You can either cook one kind of meal at a time or have
several on the stove or in the oven, depending on your
cooking experience and what you feel comfortable with doing.
When you cooked meals are cool, divide them between freezer
bags or plastic food containers, seal them, and wipe the
edges clean. You will be able to fit a lot of meals in the
freezer if you store them flat in zippered food bags.

You will need a lot of plastic wrap and aluminum foil,
freezer bags or plastic containers. You will also need a
marker pen to write the name of the meal, the cooking date,
and any special cooking instructions.

Sometimes you can make a creamy dish but cream does not
freeze well so leave it out of the meal and add it when you
reheat it. Potatoes do not always thaw well either, so you
can either use slightly undercooked barley or pasta as a
replacement or add fresh potatoes when you reheat the dish.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

How To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

By Maria Cole

Christmas is the time when we celebrate, see relatives, go
to parties, and knock ourselves out shopping for the ideal
gift! Sadly, it's also the time when we overlook our skin.
This is bad because the climate change can greatly affect
our skin, leading to dryness, cracking and bleeding. To keep
your skin looking great in this cold season and prevent
winter dryness, here's what you should do:

Always carry a hydrating lip balm and hand moisturizer in
your bag or purse. Use them as often as possible even if you
think the weather isn't too cold. This will prevent skin
cracking and bleeding and prevent overall damage to your
skin. Baby oil is another alternative that can be used on
the hands and other problem areas; however, this can be
messy and isn't quickly absorbed by the skin. Avoid hand
sanitizers with alcohol as they can rob the skin of moisture
and make things worse for you in winter. If you can't wash
your hands, use an alcohol-free sanitizer instead.

The icy weather can likewise be rough on your hair and scalp
so take care of it during winter. The dry weather removes
the scalp's natural oils so get regular deep conditioning
treatments at the nearest hair salon. The extra conditioning
keeps your hair shiny and nourished even in harsh weather.

Avoid long hot baths at this time because hot water will
strip oil from your skin and cause dryness. A warm bath or
shower is recommended. When bathing, don't scrub your skin
with a loofah or scrub too often since this will lead to
bruises, especially during winter. Don't use exfoliating
bath scrubs either. Instead, use moisturizing bath gels and
scrubs to add extra moisture to your skin.

To nourish the skin from within, drink plenty of water in
winter to keep your skin well hydrated. Water increases skin
elasticity and prevents premature aging. Fruit juices are
good too since they nourish the skin and supply your body
with vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin. The
weather may be cold but that shouldn't prevent your skin
from looking great, and a lot of damage and discomfort can
be avoided by taking a few simple steps.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can Back Exercise Help Back Pain?

By Kevin Rudick

Performing back exercises can be a very important strategy
for relieving back pain. However, it is important to know
the right exercises to do so that you don't make things
worse. Thus, it is our suggestion that you seek the advice
of a physician or physical therapist prior to beginning any
new routine.

Great benefits can be had from yoga-based movements intended
to stretch the spine, as they help build back strength and
flexibility which increase physical endurance. Several types
of back complaints can be helped in this way, and more
severe conditions such as herniation of the discs can
possibly be prevented.

Other back exercises that are effective for pain relief
include forward and backward bends, side bends and spinal
twists. In most cases you can perform different versions of
these according to how flexible your back is. For example
you can do a spinal twist sitting on a chair, sitting on the
floor or lying on your back (the supine spinal twist).

You must take care to always keep your stretching balanced.
This means that if you curl or twist the spine in one
direction, you should balance this with a stretch in the
other direction. Most of us are more flexible on one side or
the other so you will probably find that you can take a
stretch further in one direction. Just go as far as you
comfortably can on both sides, no more.

Abdominal exercises can also help in strengthening the back
muscles, especially those of the lower back. The classic
abdominal crunch or the bicycle crunch can help prevent back
pain as well as giving you a firmer, stronger abdomen.

Back exercises are not like many workouts where you aim to
feel the burn. You should feel a stretch in the targeted
area, but not actual pain. Always stop if the exercise
becomes uncomfortable. Excessive stretches do not produce
worthwhile benefits.

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