Thursday, November 11, 2010

Want A Healthy Heart? Exercise In The Correct Heart Rate Zone

By Javier Eis

Everyone understands that exercising is vital to staying
healthy; however a lot of people are unaware of the fact
that when they exercise they should stay within a
predetermined range. This range is called the Heart Rate
Zone(hrz). Working out within this given range is important
not only when trying to lose weight, but also for overall
heart health.

In order to find out your heart rate zone you first need to
figure out your maximum heart rate. This is done by taking
the number 220 and subtracting your age. For example if you
are 20 years old you would take 220 minus 20 and get an
answer of 200, therefore your maximum heart rate is 200
beats per minute.

When you have completed the process for finding your mhr you
can then move on to determining where your hrz is. Next take
your mhr and times it by sixty percent and again times
eighty percent. The two new numbers you now have make up the
book ends of your heart rate zone.

These bookends are what you want to keep your heart rate in
while you are exercising. By doing this you are making sure
that your heart is able to efficiently keep oxygenated blood
circulating around your body. If there comes a point where
your heart is working too hard or not hard enough your body
will not have the oxygen it needs to continue with the
workout or activity.

By staying in this provided range you are also effectively
burning calories. As we all know the more calories you burn
the less that are left to turn into fat. This heart rate
zone allows your body to do double duty in keeping your
heart working effectively while also helping you to burn
those extra calories.

This is also important for losing weight as well. If your
body is able to work effectively delivering nutrients and
oxygen to the muscles and organs that need it you will be
able to continue moving. This will allow you to burn more
calories and in the end lose more weight.
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