Sunday, November 28, 2010

Melt The Fat Away With These Fat Burning Foods

By Tiffany Blanchard

It's extremely important to maintain a healthy body since
being overweight can cause a variety of health problems.
Many Americans have a very poor diet that is nutritionally
inept due to the fact that processed foods make up the bulk
of their diet. This can result in not only weight gain
through added fat, but poor health, as well.

Luckily, there is an easy way to help fix this problem.
There are certain foods that actually help you burn more fat
than others. So, let's jump in and see how these fat burning
foods can help you!

Now, you may think that just by eating foods you are going
to lose a ton of weight. In order to lose a large amount of
weight you must create a calorie deficit and it helps to
exercise. However, these fat burning foods will aid in the
process of shedding the fat on your body

The word you need to become familiar with is the word
thermogenic. This means that your body must use its own
energy to digest them so that you can use the nutrition from
them to live. All food that you consume is a thermogenic
food. However, there are some truly great thermogenic foods
that you can eat so you can burn fat efficiently.

Turkey and chicken are great fat burning foods. The breasts
of these foods are not fatty, but very lean. They are high
in quality protein so that you can grow muscle and burn fat.
They are very healthy foods.

Game meats are very good fat burning meats. The type we are
talking about are venison and elk meat. Elk meat is not
usually what people eat, but deer meat is more to people's
liking. If you are not a fan of bison you may be soon after
you eat it since it is very tasty and a great fat burner.

It has been known for some time that any fish is very good
for you. Tuna is a fish that is most consumed by the average
person, but any fish that you buy will have great fat
burning properties. Another example is salmon.

Egg whites are another great fat burner, and they are
relatively inexpensive. All of these are rich in protein and

These are great fat burning foods that will make a
difference in how you feel. They are easy to prepare and
they taste great, while giving you the protein you need to
build muscle and burn fat.

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