Friday, December 3, 2010

Improve Your Energy And Endurance With Liquid Oxygen

By Tracy Woods

A liquid oxygen supplement can boost your endurance and
energy levels. Most of these supplements are made with
water, sodium bicarbonate, electrolytes, potassium chloride,
and various other compounds. They not only improve
endurance, but they help with headaches, jet-lag, hangovers,
altitude sickness, and fatigue.

Studies have revealed that a healthy person only gets half
the amount of oxygen needed to enjoy life to the maximum.
Living in an environment that is oxygen deficient starves
body cells of nutrients. This prevents the flushing out of
waste and toxins which causes the blood to become poisoned
and dirty.

The human body is an incredible piece of machinery. In
addition to its numerous functions, it can also eliminate
dangerous organisms. The white blood cells fight off disease
by feeding super-oxide to the damaged cells. Super-oxide works
the same as nascent oxygen. This boost enables new white
cells to form and they instantly join the battle against the

If used as a supplement, oxygen continually helps the growth
of these vital new white cells in order to keep the body
energetic, healthy, and strong. When the oxygen is bottled,
stabilized oxygen is used to prevent the oxygen from being
released until it is needed. This is accomplished by the use
of compounds made of oxygen atoms that work as buffers.

Stress can be reduced by taking an oxygen supplement. When
we are stressed, breathing becomes shallow and fast. This
only accentuates the problem because the body is deprived of
oxygen. Additional oxygen will normalize the heart rate and
have an overall calming effect.

You can also use liquid oxygen as a nasal spray, inhaler,
mouthwash, gargle, and as a colon cleanser. Boost your pets'
energy levels and immune systems by adding it to their
drinking water. You can prevent bacteria from tainting your
fruit and vegetables by spraying them. Apply on indoor
plants to keep them healthy and fresh.

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