Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beyond Your Type 2 Diabetes Symptom

Just because you don't have the symptoms doesn't mean you
don't have. This may not always be true though and
understanding the true nature of a type 2 diabetes symptom
may help save your life.

The Figures

Having the condition means that the cells in your body are
not reacting properly to the work of insulin which is
supposed to open up the cells to glucose. Without glucose in
your cells you will have no clear source of energy.

More people suffer from Type 2 diabetes than type 1 diabetes.
It is estimated that at least 90% of diabetics belong to
the type 2 category. The sad fact though is that more than
6% of diabetics are not aware that they have the condition.
The lack of awareness may be due to a dismissal of seemingly
harmless type 2 diabetes symptoms or a total lack of warning

Different Symptoms

Although type 2 diabetes is more common than type 1, the
former is much easier to deal with since it does not involve
the pancreas and insulin production. Despite the difference
in cause however, both types of diabetes share the same
symptoms. A diabetic might begin to feel frequently tired,
thirsty and may have occasionally blurry vision and wounds
that do not heal quickly.

The main difference between the two types is in the onset of
the symptoms . A type 1 diabetes symptom can develop rapidly
and worsen in the span of a few weeks. Even with the rapid
symptom development however, cell damage may already have
been occurring for some time before type 1 diabetes is
finally discovered. A type 2 diabetes symptom on the other
hand is not as obvious and as bad as a type 1 symptom.

Effects of No Symptoms

Effects of not detecting or not having a type 2 diabetes
symptom may be drastic. The key to effectively managing this
chronic disease is early detection. Once you fail to detect
a type 2 diabetes symptom however, you can suffer from
complications that are even more difficult to reverse. Some
diabetics only realize that they have type 2 diabetes
because of complications like retinopathy, heart ailments,
kidney problems and nerve deaths. A complication is
therefore their only type 2 diabetes symptom.

Uncommon Risk Factors

A family history of diabetes and one's weight should be
enough to warn you about the condition. You should however
also consider yourself at high risk of developing diabetes
if you are over 45 years old, had a baby over 9 pounds and
had a history of gestational diabetes or pre diabetes. For
undetermined reasons, individuals who are Asian, African,
Hispanic and American are at greater risk of developing

What Has to be Done

Naturally, you would need to consult experts in diabetes to
help you manage your condition or your type 2 diabetes
symptom. There are however basic things you should remember
on your own. You should monitor your glucose levels, take
your medication as prescribed, follow your diet and exercise
plans and watch and manage your weight.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Introducing Snap Shots From

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display inline videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

The Importance Of Whey Protein In Building Muscle

You may be wondering why whey protein is important for
building muscle. You have probably heard about this supplement
from some of your bodybuilding friends or from your personal
trainer, and wondered what exactly it was. If you are
wondering whether or not you need to supplement your diet
with whey protein, here is the information that you need to decide.

Whey protein is a really good source of protein for
bodybuilders, because it is really high in quality. In fact,
whey is about 30% to 90% protein, which means that it is
going to be a really good source of protein. You don't have
to fill up your diet with other foods to get a lot of

You may be asking yourself whether or not whey is for you,
and the answer is going to depend on what your diet looks
like. The first step is to decide whether or not you need
additional protein. If you are working out, you are going
to need a lot more protein to keep your body moving, so
supplementing with a bodybuilding supplement is going to be

Whey is going to be a good choice for those people who are
interested in getting a lot of pure protein and without getting
a lot of chemicals and other minerals in their supplements.
The only people who probably shouldn't use whey protein are
people who are sensitive to dairy products because it is made
from the byproducts of cheese.

There are three different types of whey proteins:
concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates. There are some
differences between these three main types of whey proteins.
For example, whey protein concentrates are going to be low
in fat and cholesterol but they are only going to contain
between 30% and 90% of protein by weight.

Isolates are going to be processed to get rid of the fat in
them and are higher in protein than concentrates, but
some people report that they have a bad taste.

Hydrolysates are going to be able to be easily absorbed by
your body, but they are pricier than the other two types of
whey protein. The hydrolysates also tend to taste bad,
and you may have to mix this type of whey powder with
something else like juice to be able to stomach it.

So what exactly is whey protein going to do for you? The
answer is simple, its going to increase your muscle mass,
help you to recover faster and going to give you energy.
If these are things that you are looking for, you might want
to try adding whey protein to your supplement regimen. Whey
protein is something that not a lot of people know about,
but if you want to try it, it is going to help to improve your workouts.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heart Health - Talk To Your Doctor

An essential step in preventing and managing heart disease
is being open with your doctor about your questions and
concerns. You're not alone when it comes to difficulties in
talking to a medical practitioner about your health
concerns. But when it comes to heart wellness no question
should be left unanswered.

There are those who hope that their questions will be
answered through the course of an examination, rather than
having to actually voice them. Physicians don't always have
as much time as they would like with each patient due to
their demanding schedules and long waiting lists. In
particular, women need to voice their concerns, since heart
disease isn't as readily associated with women, even though
they are equally at risk.

Questions that you should ask your doctor include what your
blood pressure is recorded as and what is normal for you.
Glucose and cholesterol levels need to be checked to see if
they're in an acceptable range. Ask your doctor which tests
are suggested for people of your age, both currently and in
the future.

If medication has been prescribed, do not hesitate to ask if
there are side effects, what the drug is supposed to do, and
whether you should take other medication, even over the
counter, with your prescribed medicine. Also find out if
this is a long term medication or temporary. Tests to
monitor the effects of the medication you are taking should
be conducted at a later date if it is recommended by your
doctor. The liver is one organ that most doctors consider
testing when a patient is on certain medicines.

If you always get home and remember something that you
forgot to ask the doctor, make a "need to know" list and
take it with you on your next visit. Do not forget to bring
with you the medications that you are presently on as well.
This is essential if you are under the care of more than one
health care practitioner.

Add to your list any surgeries or relevant illness that you
have had and been treated for in the past few years. This
should be in your medical chart so that the doctor can be
aware of anything that might cause a problem.

In conclusion, if you think that you may forget what you
physician has told you, you can always write it down or
record the appointment for later referral. Do not be afraid
to check around for a second opinion if you are not
comfortable with the treatment that your doctor recommends
or if you do not feel that he or she listened to your
worries or questions.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How To Cleanse Your Colon With Food

Frequently people rely on a healthy diet to keep their colon
clean. A healthy diet is an alternative to more invasive
therapies, such as colonics, or colon hydrotherapy, but a
combination of diet and some form of colon flushing remedy
is a better alternative. There are many foods that help keep
the colon clean, consumed in combination they can have a
more powerful effect.

Juice Fasting. One of the most effective ways that foods can
cleanse the colon is really the lack of foods, or a fast.
You can fast and refrain from eating most foods to help the
body purge itself of built up feces in the colon. Juice
fasts are popular, as they will provide you with the
nutrients your body needs during the fast. Make sure to
consult your doctor before going on any type of diet or

Leafy Green Vegetables. There is a reason your mother
tried so hard to persuade you to eat your spinach.
Studies show that leafy green vegetables such as broccoli,
spinach, and kale can have a positive effect on the colon.
You can eat these types of fresh vegetables in a salad or add
them to your favorite meal.

Fruit. Fruit is one of the best foods that cleanse the colon
quickly and efficiently. The natural fibers found within
fruits help to promote regularity. Many fruits, including
prunes and grapes, actually serve as a laxative and can help
break up constipation.

Whole grains. Whole grains act like little brushes in the
colon. To get the cleaning action from whole grains, add
whole grain breads, and whole wheat pasta, or any other
whole grain to your diet.

Avoiding the wrong foods is as much a part of colon
cleansing as adding healthy foods is. You should eliminate
fried or fatty foods including fast food, burgers and french
fries. Cook with olive oil instead of vegetable oil or
butter and use sparingly.

High calorie foods devoid of nutrients such as ice cream,
cakes, cookies and candy should be avoided as well. By
avoiding some unhealthy foods, adding some healthy foods,
and getting regular exercise you'll come along way in
keeping your colon clean.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LASIK Eye Surgeries - A Few Important Facts

By Vincent Tanita

LASIK eye surgery is a procedure which uses a specialized
laser and treats refractive errors of the eye. After the
surgery, you can expect to have improved vision without the
need for spectacles and contact lenses. This is the
overwhelming reason for most people who think about having
the procedure, because their occupation or way of life is
compromised by wearing glasses. In some occupations, you are
disallowed if you need to wear glasses or contacts.

Some, but not all, can be helped with Lasik surgery.
"Refractive error" occurs when there is an incorrect
alignment of the two elements responsible for correct focus
- the cornea and the lens in the eye. The result for the
patient is blurred vision, either close up or at distances.
Spectacles are prescribed to correct the problem which
allows the person to see normally. Lasik surgery corrects
the refractive error permanently.

Wavefront Lasik treatment, which uses a Wavefront laser, is
the latest and most popular type of Lasik eye surgery. This
system uses calculations based on the eye prescription of
the patient and the thickness and curvature of the cornea.
Each procedure is finely calculated to the individual
patient. It is effective in reducing the side effects
previously common in conventional Lasik surgery, though they
can still occur.

The first question most people ask is about side effects.
Lasik eye surgery has been performed on thousands of
patients over the years, and has proven itself to be
effective, with most patients happy with their results. As
with any surgical procedure, however, there are risks

Some of these risks can include inaccurate results causing
over or under correction. Resulting effects of the surgery
may not be permanent. Vision problems can be caused like
double vision, halos, sensitivity to light and glare, hazy
vision. A dry eye condition is also possible, which can be
very uncomfortable. There is also the possibility that the
surgery could make the vision worse than before.

Specialist clinics have been established to offer the Lasik
procedure and are staffed by qualified doctors. Prices can
vary greatly between clinics so it is wise to shop around.
Find out what exactly is covered in the price quoted and if
there are any additional costs. You can expect Lasik eye
surgery to cost you between $1,600 and $2,400 per eye.

Research will help you find a doctor to perform your
surgery. Look for an eye clinic or doctor who is experienced
in Lasik procedures and has earned a good reputation. Make
an appointment with more than one clinic or surgeon and ask
all the questions you have and discuss the procedure fully.
A good doctor will have no problem with this strategy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Preventative Health Can Save Billions

Dr. Paul Zane Pilzer, and economist, predicted the internet
revolution and he predicts that the wellness industry will take
over from the sickness industry as the next trillion dollar
market. That was a few years ago. I think we are well on our
way to achieving this but still more needs to be done.

It is no secret we will likely live longer then our grandparents
did. This fact makes the need for preventative health care a
necessity. We must remain proactive if we do not wish to suffer
in our later years. Preventive care has been proven to promote
healthy lives.

The key to combating chronic illness is to nip them before
they get a chance to take over. A preventative exam can
point out these illnesses before they have a chance. You
can make changes before they become a real problem.

If symptoms are caught early enough some major problems can
be prevented. For instance, what if you have high blood
pressure. This, if not addressed with early treatment can lead
to a massive heart attack. Doesn't it make perfect sense to find
it before it becomes a problem.

With early detection thousands of dollars can be saved.
Think about how much more a acute illness versus a chronic
illness costs. This alone should motivate you to be
proactive when it comes to your health.

Many health care experts believe that preventative
measures can help save the health care industry. The
industry losses billions each year due to the high cost of
treating chronic illnesses. Those billions saved could be
used to lower premiums for the consumer.

Experts say that only about 10% of people that have
preventative benefits utilize them. That number is
staggering! It is one of the most important benefits you
may have. And did you know your insurance company usually
pays 100%. That tells me they know the facts! They know
how much it saves in the long run.

Don't hesitate, schedule your annual preventative exam today
if you have not had it this year. Start exercising, eating
right and stop bad habits. Make this commitment to good
health. Your body and your bank account will thank you.

Don't just think about how it will benefit you either.
Think about how it will benefit your friends and family if
you encourage them to do the same. And if you plan on
having some grandchildren they will thank you for your
efforts and you will be a perfect example of good health.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Weight Loss Begins With A Sound Diet

When you're ready to lose weight shoot for the first 10
pounds. Your first focus is to pay attention to the amount of
food you're eating. Eliminate those unnecessary sugar and
fatty foods from your meals while making delicious meals and
snacks that keep your palate happy.

A not difficult, balanced and flexible weight loss program is
best. Plan to focus on the first 10 pounds of weight loss
and the rest will follow.

One of the top secrets to lose weight is to keep track of
everything you eat and drink. No need to estimate calories
just write down the type of food or beverage and the amount.
Cut your fat intake in half, that means half as much
margarine or butter on toast, vegetables and your muffin,
half the mayonnaise on your sandwich, and half the oil in
the pan when you saute foods. You get the idea!

Use skim milk and make a habit of drinking tea. If you insist
on using whole milk at least use two percent milk in your
diet. This helps cutting down on your fat intake.

Be certain to include legumes, peanut, cottage cheese,
chicken, fish, eggs or yogurt. Try to curb your sugar treats
to a few times a week max. Eat one or more meatless lunches
and dinners each week.

Eat at least two servings of fresh fruit every day. Choose
whatever type of fruit is in season. Instead of fruit juice
for breakfast or snack, drink water. Add a slice of lemon or
lime for zest. Include two servings of vegetables with lunch
and dinner, for a total of at least four servings per day.

Kill the thought of eating food or snacks while watching
TV. Many studies show that people watching TV and eating
tend to eat more and opt for higher calorie snacks high in
fat and sugar.

Don't consume liquids teeming with calories by drinking them.
That means cutting out soda and high-calorie fruit juices and
drinking tea or water instead. Plan ahead what you are going to eat.
Last-minute planning tends to veer you off your diet.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Are The Top 5 Energy Foods?

Many of us find that we are a bit low on energy, especially
if we are dieting or we have had weight loss surgery.
Dieting seems to take a lot out of us because we are consuming
less food, we are not taking in caffeine like we used to,
and there is also the fact that the body can be deprived of
certain nutrients. Although many dieters feel that they are
eating the right foods, the question is if they are eating enough
of the right foods and if they are taking a dietary supplement
to help them along.

The dietary supplement

A good dietary supplement is great to take each day so that
you can have more energy. However, it cannot work alone in
providing your body with the natural nutrients it needs to
create an adequate amount of energy to help you through your

However, a good supplement that will help you along will
contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin,
Vitamins B6 and B12, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid,
Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus. Some supplements are now
including tri-Amino blends that include L-Taurine,
L-lutamine, and L-Carnitine. These are great for helping
provide a little extra energy.


And now that you know a dietary supplement can't do it all
on its own, it is very important that you be made aware of 5
good energy foods and vegetables that will help in providing
you with the energy you need. It doesn't matter if you are
on a weight loss mission, have had weight loss surgery or if
you just want to have more energy, these are foods that you
should eat because they work in making you healthier.

Those 5 foods are:

1. Wheat and barley - Anything containing these two food
items will be high in energy. This explains why runners and
other athletes will eat pasta the day before a competitive
event. However, this is not something that you should eat a
lot of. You must portion this. If you have had weight loss
surgery such as lap band, this is something that your doctor
will review with you.

2. Fruits - Take into consideration that the earth bears
fruit and fruit is good for us. High energy fruits include
bananas, strawberries, and pineapples. Stick to the organic
fruits, which have not been treated with herbicides,
pesticides and other chemicals.

3. Vegetables - Amongst vegetables, some of the most high
energy foods that are great for those on weight loss endeavors
are green leafy vegetables. Cabbage and spinach have been
pinned as the two that create the highest degree of energy.
Use the same criteria when acquiring vegetables as for fruit above.

4. Chicken - Chicken is high in protein and is great for
weight loss. However, it must be skinless chicken or it will
defeat the purpose.

5. Yogurt - Dairy is the tricky one for the fact that it is
the dairy foods that are high in fat that provide the most
energy. However, you can have yourself a cup of yogurt and
provide yourself with some extra energy. There are dairy
products out there that will enable you to energize and
still achieve weight loss.

A balanced diet

It mainly comes down to having a balanced diet. If you have
lap band surgery or another weight loss surgery, your doctor
will talk to you about portions and eating the right foods.
Even if you are trying to lose weight the old fashioned way,
the success lies in the foods that you eat. You also have to
exercise and consider weight loss support.

These two things make for a super weapon against weight
gain. In the meantime, you will shed the pounds and have the
energy to do it, which means a better quality of life for

Friday, January 23, 2009

These 5 Chemicals Are A Danger To Your Skin

Skincare products boast a lot of claims these days. Some of
these products however, contain substances that may not
agree with your skin and could cause problems. Before
purchasing one of the many beauty products on the market,
check to see if they contain any chemicals from the list

1. Alcohols: Alcohol is a drying agent. If you have dry skin,
alcohol will make your skin feel even drier. Alcohols go by
many names so look closely at the label for words ending in
-ol. Drying agents will further strip your skin and hair of
necessary moisture.

2. Parabens: What are these products? It is a chemical that
inhibits the growth of bacterial in products like lotions
and creams. When we pour or pump lotion from the bottle, our
skin may come in contact with the top. It is a potential
source of contamination to the product especially if several
people use it. Parabens work to stop that, but can cause
skin irritations in many users.

3. Perfumes: Companies work hard to produce a new scent that
people will like. Even though you may like the smell, it can
cause skin irritations or allergies if the right chemicals
are mixed together. A rule of thumb is to avoid skincare
products that are scented. Look for words like
hypoallergenic when buying skincare products.

4. Phthalate: Look at the ingredient list on your lotions
and soaps the next time you are in the store. If you see the
word phthalate (pronounced thal-ate), put it back. These
chemicals have a poor reputation and they are harmful to

5. Dyes: Ever wonder where the color comes from in your
skincare products? It adds flare to the packaging to entice
the consumer but it does more than that. Read your labels.
Dyes can dry out your skin or cause rashes and other nasty
skin irritations for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Reading labels is important. The more that you know about
what you are buying, the less likely you are to purchase a
skincare product containing one of these chemicals. Since
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate
skincare products, it is up to us to police them.

We hope that manufacturers wouldn't sell us a bad bill of
goods but it happens more often than you think. The only
thing that these manufacturers are required to do is list
ingredients on the label according to how much is included.
Even with skincare products claiming to be all-natural,
check the label to validate their claim.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Want To Stop Suffering From Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems that
Americans tend to suffer from. The internet is one of the
first places that people come to try to find information on
how to treat back pain.

With today's technology and advanced medicine; you may be
wondering why is back pain such a huge issue? One of the
biggest factors and reasons that people seem to suffer from
this problem is because they do not know how to properly
take care of their body to prevent this issue.

Do you want to know what you can do to prevent or get rid of
your constant aching back pain? Well then, here are a few
useful tips to improve your mobility and avoid back pain.

1. Posture: The truth is that we do not take proper care of
our posture and therefore it tends to show when we begin
having back problems. If you are not watching how you sit or
stand then you can begin to experience back pain later on
in life.

2. Elderly: People tend to believe that as they age they are
expected to have back problems. The truth is that if you
give your body the right types of food and exercise then you
can avoid these types of issues as you become older.

3. Daily Diet: Our diet will always play a huge role in whether
we will begin to experience back pain or not. In fact if you
are currently overweight then most likely that may be one of
the reasons that you are having these issues.

4. Exercise: Exercise and diet are extremely vital for
helping our bodies and bone structure become strong and able
to do our everyday activities without having to worry about
being in pain.

Try this: When you walk, tuck in your stomach and push your
shoulders forward and your chest out. Also keep your chin up.
This is the correct posture when walking. Tough to maintain
isn't it? especially when you have been slouching all your life.

Taking care of your back should become one of your biggest
priorities; so that you can avoid future pain as you become

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drug Addiction : Prescription Drugs

When you hear people talking about drug addiction problems,
what do you think of immediately? It's probably cocaine,
alcohol, or maybe some other harmful drug.

These drugs kill a lot of people, but what about drugs that
were actually meant to help people? What about prescription

Hospitals use prescription drugs all over the world for many
reasons. There are pain relief drugs, drugs for disorders of
the psyche, and many other applications.

Prescription drugs are designed to help the sick or injured,
but when they are abused, they are just as harmful and
addictive as any other type of drug.

One factor that adds to the addictive nature of prescription
drugs is that they are designed to help. This often creates
a psychological trap for people.

Everyone knows that cocaine and cigarettes kill people
everyday. But the pain medicine your family doctor gives you
for your back problems is far less intimidating, and thus it
is easier for people to fall into abusing them.

That also means it is more difficult for the person
suffering to get help. If their doctor gave them the drugs
it is hard for them to see that they have a problem.

It also makes it hard to see how dangerous they are. But
most deaths caused by prescription drug abuse happens the
first time the person abuses them. That means most people
only have to do it one time and they could die.

If you or one of your loved ones has a problem with prescription
drugs, seek help immediately.

Find help with
Prescription drug addiction treatment centers Seek
professionals at (
Narconon Vista Bay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Energy Drinks Are Not Healthy

How can energy drinks be healthy? They are usually full of
artificial caffeine, HFCS (ref:
Double Danger of HFCS), Taurine and of course, to somehow
validate everything, synthetically produced vitamins. This
cocktail of chemicals will do more harm than good. It
already has.

More and more people that consume the traditional energy
drink regularly or even daily have already or are destined
to eventually suffer from stomach, kidney, liver or heart
problems. Not to mention the effects these chemical
cocktails can have on one's teeth (premature enamel
degradation) or skin (dehydration related blotching).

An entire new generation is coming into adulthood without
their parents' coffee routine, but with a morning, afternoon
or evening energy drink. Sometimes all three. Many spend
hours online gaming, instead of exercising, which
accentuates the problem with energy drinks, introducing type
2 diabetes and other sedentary diseases.

Why should we be concerned about this new variety of mental
stimulant? A cup or two of coffee every day has never caused
serious health effects. The big difference relates to where
the buzz comes from: natural coffee beans vs. laboratory
produced synthetic caffeine.

Just like with any other product found in nature, the
caffeine in the coffee beans comes with many by-products
which are not easily separated from the pure caffeine
elements. natural caffeine comes with fibers and other
organic substances which reduce the absorption of the
caffeine into the bloodstream.

In most energy drinks, the caffeine is synthetically
produced in a factory. This synthetic caffeine has one
advantage over natural caffeine: it is extremely potent.
All of the natural byproducts that come with natural caffeine
from coffee beans or Guarana are not present with laboratory
caffeine. It is also much cheaper to produce than natural
caffeine, another great thing, from the manufacturer's point
of view. Unfortunately, from a consumer's point of view, this
concentrated caffeine blast is absorbed into the bloodstream
almost as soon as it hits the stomach.

Natural products like the actual coffee from coffee beans,
Guarana seeds or tea leaves, are absorbed more gradually by
the body. They are also not as concentrated and therefore
less toxic than the chemical caffeine in most energy drinks.

Here are some advantages of natural caffeine (whether it be
in coffee, tea or Guarana). Firstly, the increased mental
alertness is longer. Instead of the instant high you get
from most energy drinks and then the subsequent downfall,
you get a sustained feeling of mental clarity for a few
hours and the effect eventually wears off more naturally and

Secondly, continuous exposure to synthetic caffeine over
saturates our nervous system. If this excessive exposure
continues, our nerves go haywire. This is Mother Nature's
way of telling us to be careful. Our hands may quiver,
nervous habits develop; our body starts to show signs of
stress not different from those related to anxiety or
depression. Not recommended for anyone.

With guaranine or tea or natural coffee beans, our digestive
and circulatory system can easily eliminate the excess
quantities without unduly affecting the nervous system. But
even with natural stimulants, they must be used carefully
and not in excessive amounts. It is best to stick with one
cup per day; of coffee (not the grande which is really like
6 coffees) or one 12 oz can of a natural energy drink or
unsweetened cold tea.

Organic coffees don't contain any of the chemicals used in
large farming operations. ( Whole
Foods Markets has a wide variety of these.

Some natural energy drinks that are recommended :
GURU Energy Drinks and Syzmo. They are both made with
natural caffeine from Guarana and/or coffee. What's good
about GURU is that it is entirely natural, has no
artificial sweeteners or vitamins. Sysmo is made from good
ingredients but is more costly, and is an acquired taste.

Both of these are available on the
respective companies' website and at
( Whole Foods Markets.

With regards to teas; cold, brewed teas will provide the
best combination of anti-oxidants and natural caffeine. A
good brand is ITOEN, from Japan. Itoen Teas seems to be
the purest, unsweetened product out there. The Zen taste
grows on you after a couple of bottles. Another cool brand is
the US based Honest Tea, but they recently sold out to Coke
and now it seems they're selling out to the sweeter American
taste buds.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The 3 Main Categories Of Exercise

Exercise is the central ingredient of good health. It tones
the muscles, strengthens the bones, and makes the heart and
lungs work great. It increases your physical reserve
and your vitality. Exercise eases depression, assists the
function of the bowels, leads to sound sleep, and aids in
every activity of your daily life. Exercise helps prevent
heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and many more
diseases. Exercise for the body comes in three
different types:

Strengthening Exercise

Strengthening exercises are the traditional body building
exercises that build stronger muscles. These exercises can
be very helpful in improving function in a particular body
part after surgery where it's necessary to rebuild strength.
They also help to strengthen your bones, since bones react
to stress by becoming stronger; they can help strengthen
bones even at advanced ages. When using strengthening
exercises you should never use anabolic steroids or any
other drugs because you may damage your future health.
Examples of strengthening exercises are squeezing balls,
lifting weights, and doing push-ups or pull-ups.

Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises are designed to help keep you loose.
These exercises are truly important and everyone should
be doing them everyday. Stretching can be of great
benefit, like if you have a joint that's stiff because of
arthritis or an injury. There's nothing strange about the
stretching process. Any body part that you can't completely
straighten or bend needs to be frequently and repeatedly
stretched. A good rule is at least twice daily. Over weeks
or months, you can often regain motion of that body part.
An example of a stretching exercise is like toe touching
without the bounce.

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises is the most important of the three. It's
the key to fitness and vitality. The word aerobic means
that during the exercise period, the oxygen that you breathe
in balances the oxygen that you use up. A number of good
things happen while doing this exercise. Your heart speeds
up to pump larger amounts of blood. You breathe more
frequently and more deeply to increase the oxygen transfer
from the lungs to the blood. Your body develops increased
heat and compensates by sweating to keep your temperature
normal. At the same time you build endurance which improves
the function of all the cells of the body where you become
more fit. The best form is interval training.

It's never too soon to develop the habit of lifetime
exercise. It's never too late to begin an exercise program
and to experience the dramatic benefits. If you haven't
been exercising for some time, start at a lower level of
physical activity than a more active person would until you
build yourself up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crunches - Not The Answer For Six Pack Abs

The truth about crunches! We all seek answers to achieving
ripped abs. The truth about crunches is that they are good
for our abdominal muscles, but they will not give you the
ripped abs that you want. To get ripped abs, you need to
work on fat burning exercises that will burn overall fat,
watching what we eat and eliminating stress from our lives.

Doing crunches may be stopping you from getting six pack abs
because it doesn't focus on what needs to be trained.
Crunches strengthen, stabilize and develop the abdominal
area. But to get six pack abs, we need to focus on overall
fat burning.

Overall fat burning exercises are activities that allow us
to train our whole body to increase our metabolism. By
increasing our metabolism, we are better able to burn fat
and utilize the excess belly fat, which results in more
visibility of the abdominal muscles.

Resistance training has been shown to increase metabolic
activity and help the body to consume more body fat.
Increasing lean body mass through resistance training allows
us to utilize more fuel for our muscles.

Watching what we eat is important as well. By eating quality
foods, which are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates,
vitamins and minerals, we fuel our body to function better.
Instead of eating 3 big meals per day, we can increase our
meals to 5-6 and decrease the meal portions. This will allow
us to maintain our energy and blood sugar levels throughout
the day.

Stress affects our bodies in a way that makes our bodies
react in an emergency mode. When our bodies are in a
stressful situation, Cortisol is released and causes fat to
be stored in the abdominal area.

There are several ways to decrease the amount of stress in
our lives. Activities like deep breathing, tai chi, and
yoga, have ways of calming the body down and help to reduce

Crunches, in truth, are good for you but to achieve defined
ripped abs, we need to focus on other factors. Activities like
resistance training, watching what we eat and eliminating stress
from our lives, will help us achieve our ripped six-pack abs.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Natural Remedies For Arthritis : Exercise And Supplements

Many people are turning to natural treatment of arthritis to
avoid taking medications that have dangerous side affects.
There are many anti-inflammatory medicines out there that do
help arthritis sufferers to cope. However, there are always
some risks associated with these drugs. However there are natural
remedies that have proven helpful to arthritis suffers and
give relief without the risk of side affects.

Help Your Body Help Itself

Natural arthritis pain relief supplements are extremely
popular nowadays, and the two compounds glucosamine and
chondroitin, which are found naturally in the body can help
in giving pain relief to your joints as well as repairing
them. A sulfur compound called MSM is another natural
arthritis pain relief and has the same pain relief factors
as any other anti-inflammatories, and can reduce swelling to
a great extent.

Two other natural supplements that have been proven very
effective are niacinamide and manganese. Niacinamide,
commonly referred to as Vitamin B3 helps repair and
strengthen tissue and cells and therefore diminishes the
pain that arthritis can cause. For those who suffer from
osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis manganese is very
helpful. This antioxidant helps to slow down the affects of
aging on muscles and joints.

Other options for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
sufferers are turmeric and ginger extract. These are natural
supplements that reduce swelling in joints and muscles and
therefore reduce the severity of pain. Arthrit-Eze is a
supplement made especially for arthritis sufferers that
pulls all of these natural supplements together to fight the
crippling affects of arthritis.

Take Care of Your Body

Most people who suffer from arthritis must take some kind of
medication in order to cope. However, taking good care of
your body can really help relieve much of your suffering as
well. Eating right, daily exercise and getting the proper
amount of rest will contribute to better health and less
suffering. Keep in mind that the type of exercise you do
should be based on the type of arthritis you suffer from.

For natural arthritis pain relief exercising is vital, as it
helps arthritis patients to increase the flexibility of
their joints. It also helps to increase bone vigor and also
increases the strength of their muscles and energy levels.
In this way they can control their weight and indirectly
protect their heart. The patients should not choose
exercises programs on their own, but ask their doctor which
exercises are recommended for their type of arthritis.

Friday, January 16, 2009

How Do You Get Rid Of Loose Flabby Arms?

As we age, many people are stricken with loose and flabby
skin under their arms. Many people are looking to lose some
weight in that area to give them back the toned muscle that
they once had, but there is no way to target a weight loss
in just that area. It seems as though the problem is more
common in women, but there are men who suffer from the same
problem. The question becomes, how do you get rid of loose
flabby arms?

As we age we lose much of the collagen and elastin our body
produces. Some people just genetically have extra fat there
in their upper arms. When we were kids, they were called
"Grandma Arms". Do not despair, you have options and can get
rid of those loose flabby arms.

This part of the body is not the easiest to lose weight in
so you should recognize this problem before you get started.
You also will not be able to target this specific area of
your body for weight loss. There have been some gels and
creams that have come on the market that are designed
specifically to reduce the fat in this area. However, there
is still not enough information on whether these products
actually work.

Surgery is an option for people who want to eliminate the
extra skin and fat in the upper arm area. The cosmetic
procedure that is used to work on this area is called
brachioplasty or an arm lift. The surgery is done with
general anesthesia and you will be able to go home the same
day. There is a two to six week recovery time and you will
most likely be given pain medication for use at home.

Liposuction is another, a little less invasive surgical
procedure to take the fat out of your under arm. Many times
they do a combination surgery with the brachioplasty and
liposuction. After surgery you will have pain and be given
medication. You will probably be out of the work force for
at least a week.

The most sensible and safest way to get rid of that loose
weight under your arm is to try and build muscle there.
There are a some exercises that you can do at home or at the

A push up is the most common exercise that you can use for
this part of your body. You can choose to do a regular push
up or a wall push up that will tone the muscles under the

Dips may be another good exercise that will work on this
part of your body. You sit on a chair or bench and lift
yourself off of the chair with your arms and dip below the
chair and then back up again. If you work with these
exercises, you might find that you are able to build the
muscle under your arms in no time at all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Start Walking To Get Fit And Healthy

Walking is good for the body and the mind. It is a
pleasurable way to improve ones health and it is easy on the
bones and joints. Those who walk for at least 30 minutes or
more four to five days a week can witness a variety of
health benefits.

Start your program slowly as your need to allow your body to
adjust at a gradual pace. Keep yourself well hydrated as you
walk and pay close attention to your posture. To start a
walking program you need to find the motivation to get off
the couch and then you need to dress in comfortable clothes
and put on a pair of walking shoes.

Walking shoes are not the exact same as running shoes as
they have less cushioning. If you walk often then you need
a proper pair of walking shoes. Always try both shoes on at
once and shop in the late afternoon. Shoes should not have to
be broken into to fit comfortably.

Increasing the speed you walk is one way to go, as is
walking uphill. Carrying some type of weights in both hands
will also help you to burn more calories. You can burn
plenty of calories when you walk if you do certain things.

Taking 10,000 steps a day can give your level of health a
tremendous boost. Unfortunately most people only take 3,000
steps daily. I suggest you get a pedometer which measures
how many steps you take and also how many calories you burn.

How successful a walking routine is, often has to do with
motivation. Everyone can feel less than motivated from time
to time.

How fast a person walks has to do with a number of factors,
one of which is their gender.

The most important thing about a walking program is that you
begin. Walking will make you feel better and fell better
about the new healthy you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does Anybody Need A Multi Vitamin?

Some people don't eat as well as they should because they
are pressed for time and it's faster to get restaurant food
when they're out running around. Some people don't eat as
well as they should because they don't really know how to
eat in a more healthy way. Regardless of the reasons that
people don't eat a balanced diet each day the end result
is that people need to take vitamins and minerals in daily
supplements to help balance out their poor diets.

In order to stay healthy and to get the vitamins and
minerals that are missing from your daily diet, multi
vitamins are the ideal choice, but doctors and medical
experts are muted on their opinions.

One of the biggest reasons that some doctors feel that
taking multi vitamins is a waste of time is that most of the
thousand of multi vitamins that are on the market today are
made up of synthetic vitamins and minerals that were created
in a lab specifically for use in a multi vitamin tablet.

These doctors argue that using synthetic vitamins and
minerals doesn't help the body as much as the natural
vitamins and minerals found in food would.

There is some evidence that shows that synthetic multi
vitamins can provide some of the nutrients your body
requires to remain healthy.

Although these multi vitamins might be somewhat effective at
providing some nutrients, a synthetically produced multi
vitamin can't replace the need for food, a scientist at
Northwestern University says.

The truth is that your body interacts with food and it's much
better and more effective to get vitamins and minerals from
food than through a multi vitamin.

Multi vitamins are a good back up source of vitamins and
minerals for people that don't always eat a balanced diet or
don't always get the kind of nutrition that they should
through food. Most doctors would agree with that, but multi
vitamins aren't going to completely replace the need for
food. Remember, it's a meal supplement not replacement.

The debate doesn't stop here, proponents of multi vitamin
pills argue that the food people eat today isn't all that
healthy because of the soil depletion, pollution, and the
use of pesticides and chemicals which kills most of the
vitamins and minerals. Regarding the synthetic nature of the pills,
there's a good choice of 100% natural and organic vitamins
available today.

It is a basic understanding of whether or not multi vitamins
are as effective as eating food to get vitamins and minerals.
Since it's just not possible to eat a balanced diet all
the time, knowing which vitamins and supplements you can
take to help make up for the times when you can't eat a
balanced meal will help you give your body all the tools
that it needs to stay healthy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nine Weight loss Tips for 2009

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Everybody hates the word 'diet'. It makes you think of pain
and misery. It is definitely hard to keep your will power
to stay on a diet during the holidays.

But it isn't all terrible. There are many ways to quickly
lose unwanted weight without starving yourself and it really
is quite easy - as long as you know how to do it. Start the
New Year off right with great weight loss results by
following these easy tips.

Here are the top nine ways to lose pounds in 2009.

1. Water. Many people do not drink water at all, and yet it
is the best way to naturally clean out your body and
simultaneously shed pounds. Drinking enough water is so
easy. Just drink a glass of water before every meal and
snack and you will feel rehydrated and fuller so you will be
less tempted to over-eat at mealtimes.

2. Fiber. Fiber is a brilliant weight-loss secret that can
help you lose weight at the same time as making you feel
full. You can actually reduce your hunger pangs by getting
enough fiber in your diet. Simple foods like fruit,
vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and beans will
increase your fiber intake, make you feel full faster and
help you lose weight quicker.

3. Snacks. Just because you're losing weight, that shouldn't
mean you go without food. Feel free to snack whenever you're
hungry. Your metabolism will actually speed up a little by
eating more. Just be careful with the types of snacks you
choose. It's always fine to snack on nuts or fruit, but you
can also add a snack-size tub of low-fat yogurt or baked
rice crisps. Just be sensible about your snack choices.

4. Walk. Take every opportunity to walk. Take the stairs
instead of the elevator. Park further away from the store
and walk the rest of the way. Stroll around the block with
your dog or with a friend. Switch on your stereo and just
jive to the music.

5. Grilled not Fried. Switch to grilling food instead of
frying. Grilling is not only easier and less time consuming,
it's healthier and contains far fewer calories.

6. Side Dishes. We have been groomed to believe that meals
are not complete without fries on the side. Instead of
eating fries, eat a simple and healthy salad or steamed

7. Processed Foods. Pre-packaged deli ham, chicken and
turkey are quick and easy to have available in the fridge,
but they have high levels of sodium. Sodium makes your body
retain fluid and makes it harder for you to lose weight.
Don't buy pre-packaged processed foods whenever possible.
Opt for fresh options.

8. Keep It Lean. Red meat and poultry are not off limits;
just remember to buy the leanest cuts available. Trim off
excess fat and cut off the skin from chicken. Grill your
meat to keep the goodness in and minimize the amounts of

9. Meal Replacement. Meal replacement diets are quick and
easy, and can keep you slim. All you have to do is eat a
pre-prepared meal in place of you breakfast, lunch or
dinner. These meals are available through a variety of
companies and take the guess work out of diet planning.

Remember these simple rules and you will be slimmer and
happier in 2009.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weight Loss For Good Health

There is no such thing as a perfect and easy weight loss
system, but many good ones do exist and it will depend on
the user as to how effective any system will ultimately be.
Being overweight is the cause of many medical conditions
which require long term attention but obesity also affects
the way we see ourselves as well.

There are plenty of easy weight loss methods available on
the Internet, but what you don't realize is that you are the
person who is going to make it easy. Is it to remain healthy, or
is it because someone else wants you to lose weight?

Many people forget that a number of factors must be included
in any weight loss program from the amount of physical
activity involved down to the type of food eaten, when, and
how often. Don't be too ambitious and set yourself
impossible tasks like losing 30 pounds in less than a month;
this is not sensible because it can have a vast impact on
the entire body bringing about other health problems like
anemia or heartburn.

To keep it simple, consider that a pound in weight is
generally believed to be 3,500 calories and then it's easy
to break down into daily reductions of 500 calories, meaning
you can lose a pound in weight each week. Too many people
are consuming large amounts of unhealthy food because they
enjoy eating but there is no need to force-feed yourself
just because you enjoy particular foodstuffs.

Of course we often eat more when we do not feel very good
about ourselves or are depressed about our lives, which is
often called comfort eating. It is nonsense to believe that
continued eating and weight gain will not have serious
consequences for your health as we now see in the increase of
conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart conditions and
cancer. The psychological aspect of using easy weight
loss methods and weight gain should also be considered
as part of the overall cure, but if we just rely on dieting
then we will not be addressing the real issues of obesity.

Studies have shown that people who have started weight loss
programs with a light-hearted determination are more likely
to accomplish the looked-for results. A positive attitude
and open mind are very often the keys to improving life
style and eliminating the bad habits. Most people that lose
those extra pounds claim they have more energy and are able
to do things that their weight had stopped them from
enjoying previously.

Many easy weight loss programs are far from it as they
actually test the person using them but the pain barrier
does not last long and once through it, the whole system
becomes more pleasant.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Stop Snoring Quickly

Finding out how to stop snoring or prevent someone else from
doing so can be extremely beneficial, especially if one of
the two is keeping you from sleeping at night. Even though
you might know why you snore, figuring out how to go about
treating the problem can be more difficult.

Begin With Yourself

Determining how to stop yourself from snoring requires
taking a look at you and your habits. For example,
overweight individuals tend to snore more often than people
with an average body weight. Sleep apnea, a medical
condition that should be discussed with a doctor, often
appears in individuals with high blood pressure and also
causes snoring.

One thing you can do to try to prevent snoring is sleeping
in a different position. You can also experiment with different
pillows to see if a certain design or firmness stops you
from snoring. If your snoring is related to nasal
congestion, try to sleep with your head elevated. Other
sleeping positions, like sleeping on your stomach, reduce
your chances of snoring. Even though they are not helpful
for everyone, some people are helped by using anti-snoring

A healthy lifestyle can set you free. Stop snoring is a
concept that is linked to eating healthy and getting plenty
of exercise during the day. Things such as extra weight,
alcohol, drugs and smoking all contribute to a snoring
problem. If you can cut these things from your life, you may
be able to reduce or learn how to stop snoring.

Another possible cause of snoring is the type of medications
that you use. Many antihistamines and sleeping medications
will cause snoring. If allergies are the problem, you can
consult a doctor in order to get allergy medicine that will
not make you snore.

Over the counter nasals strips are among the best methods of
getting rid of your snoring problem. Using these strips to
open nasal passages during the night tends to help people
with snoring problems.

Snoring is indeed a frustrating problem. It can be serious,
however, if you find yourself struggling to breathe while
snoring. A doctor can direct you to a sleep specialist who
can assist you if this is your situation.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How To Banish Belly Fat With 3 Easy Changes

Losing belly fat can be easy, as long as you implement these
healthy techniques! They are not only easy, but they don't
require you to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle.
And no, its not a new diet or special exercise! Instead they
are simply a few changes in the way you do everyday things!

1. Breakfast is the king: Every morning you wake up from a 9
or 10 hour fast. So you need to re-fuel your body by eating,
or by breaking the fast, hence the word break-fast!

We all know the rule that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. Only most people don't know that not eating
a proper breakfast leads to weight gain. Most people eat a
small breakfast (some people skip breakfast all together),
a medium sized lunch and a large dinner. Eating this way
only increases the odds for weight gain.

In order to lose fat fast, you need to reverse your eating
schedule. This means your breakfast should be the largest
meal of the day, and your dinner should be the smallest one.
If you have a large dinner, you will usually go
to sleep soon after. As a result, your body won't be able to
burn all those extra calories from your large dinner. It
will instead store them as excess fat deposits.

If you make breakfast the biggest meal of your day,
your body will have the entire day to filter those calories,
using what it needs and eliminating what it doesn't. This
means that weight gain will reduce dramatically.

2. Sugar causes weight gain: Sugar is a major cause of
weight gain. The human body can convert sugar into fat
deposits really fast. Sugar can give you a speedy burst of
energy when you think you need it, but it will also cause
cravings, which inevitably lead to weight gain.

The more sugar you eat, the stronger the cravings become,
the more weight you gain, and the less happy you are. Rather
than sugar, you should eat potatoes, rice, natural fruits
and vegetables, bread, and pasta, all of which produce good

3. Water speeds up fat loss: Drinking plenty of water is
essential for losing weight naturally and staying healthy!
Remember that no matter how much water you drink you wont
gain weight, water cant convert into fat. And if you have a
hard time waking up in the morning, it is probably because
you are dehydrated.

Remember that your body requires sufficient water in order
to maintain even minor bodily functions. If you don't supply
it with enough water, it will begin storing water instead of
flushing it out. This results in increased weight gain,
which is not much fun!

Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

By Mary Bush

On average, a woman gains between 25 and 35 pounds during
her pregnancy. During labor and immediately after
delivery a new mother might shed 10 to 15 pounds of that.
This leaves from 10 to 25 additional pounds of weight left
on the new mom's "new" body. It can be a source of great
shock, disappointment, frustration, and despair to a woman
to discover that after giving birth she can no longer fit
into the clothes she wore prior to the pregnancy.

Losing weight after pregnancy is not a fool's errand, but
neither is it an easy errand; it requires patience, a
realistic attitude, a positive outlook, and when it comes
down to it " persistence and dedication. A realistic outlook
by any means is to expect to lose no more than 1 or 2 pounds
per week. For an extra 10 to 25 pounds, then, that can take
anywhere from 2 months to 2 years.

There's no quick fix to losing weight after pregnancy " not
a sustainable and lasting one, at least. So the best way to
succeed is to start out with realistic expectations for the
time frame in which to achieve your results and with the
commitment to seeing the process through, however long it
may take.

Now that you have the right mental attitude, let's go over a
few suggestions for ways to get rid of that unwanted weight

Don't start right away: Contrary to the "do it now"
mentality you're normally advised to live by, when you've
just given birth, your body needs time to adjust to the
changes it's undergone over the preceding 9 months.

Remember, you are not "returning" to the state you were in
before your pregnancy; you're in a new state you've never
been in before. You are in the body of a new mother, and
this body needs time to get used to this new way of being.

Avoid weight-loss dieting of any sort for a good three
months after delivering. Don't worry about exercise so much
as just being sure you remain active and moving around. You
can use your menstrual cycle as an indicator of when your
body is ready to take on a more intentional program of diet
and exercise; when it normalizes, you're ready to go.

Start slow: Your body is still healing from the pregnancy, and
diving headlong into a heavy-duty exercise regimen may be
too much of a shock to your newly-adjusting system to do you
any good at all. Walking around the block or the park with
your baby is an excellent way to begin, and it primes your
body exquisitely for taking on more extensive and intensive
exercise at a later date.

Set yourself up for success: That means keep your
kitchen stocked with fresh and healthy foods, particularly
snacks, so when you feel the urge to eat something, you have
only suitable options around. Several smaller meals throughout
the day will serve your ends far better than just 2 or 3 large meals.
And don't try and starve yourself. You'll do no good to your new
baby that way, and you'll invariably find yourself binging sometime
later on to compensate.

Have patience with yourself. The period of time following
pregnancy is already exhausting and exasperating enough, on
so many levels. Don't burden yourself further with guilt,
shame, and unrealistic expectations.

Shedding excess weight after pregnancy is not an easy task,
but it can be done. Every body is different. Rather than
comparing your rate of postpartum weight loss to that of any
other new mother, focus on sticking to the slow and steady
path to the long-lasting results you crave: a body that
glows more than it ever did during or before you got

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ways to Shape A Child's Brain Development

By Michael Byrd

When and how to use methods for better child brain
development is important; many recommend computer programs.
According to experts however, it may be too late if the
window of opportunity to enhance a child's brain development
has ceased.

It is always good to begin even before the baby is born up
to the time of his or her third birthday. This is the most
crucial period in the child's brain development and
determines its ability to learn for the rest of their life.

It may appear unusual to begin even before a child is able
to read, write or reason, but there are studies to back this
and it has shown that all these skills begin to develop even
before a child goes to kindergarten.

In the latest research published in Developmental Medicine
and Child Neurology [Vol. 42: 174-181], doctors studied 56
babies, as young as 5 days old, and gave them a diet
supplement of omega 3 fish oil fatty acids and DHA.

The set of babies that were given DHA showed significantly
higher cognitive and motor skills, as compared to the other
set of babies (those without fish oil supplements) based on
the "Mental Development Index."

Doctors have concluded that an early dietary supply of fish
oil with DHA is needed at an early age to assure improved
performance and mental development for full term babies.

Research on premature babies, that was published in the
Clinics of Perinatology, . [Vol. 22(1):157-75], established
that babies who are not born full term also benefit from
fish oil. Those given omega 3 fatty acids with DHA as
supplements definitely had improvement in their cognitive
and visual development.

These are just a few of the many research findings that have
proven the secret to a child's brain development is
providing it with enough omega 3 and DHA.

DHA consists of rich long-chain omega 3 in the brain tissue.
Roughly 95% of these lipids can be found during birth and
develops to be a part of these tissues even inside the
uterus and continues during the first year of life.

So it does make sense for pregnant women to consume more
fish and get a supplement of fish oil. This is a good way to
build a good foundation on a child's brain development from
the very start and will surely be a big factor to determine
its intelligence and ability to learn in the future.

Subsequently, make sure that you breast-feed your child
during the first year. Sufficient amounts of omega 3's can
come from breast milk.

Research that was published in the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition illustrated that even moderate amounts of
dietary fish oil with DHA will radically elevate breast milk
content. [Vol. 40, 780-785]

These research results on brain development were enough to
convince my wife to use fish oil while she was pregnant and
while nursing our children. She also started giving
supplements of salmon oil to our children while they were
just six months old.

From the capsule, it went to the spoon, then to their
mouths. And now, we get remarks from people telling us how
smart they are and they have high test scores to prove it.

But the best part is they are happy and healthy children
too. Try fish oil on your kids and you will be thankful you

What you just learned about omega 3 oils and your health is
just the beginning. To get the full story and all the
details, check us out at our ( fish
oil website.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cholesterol Normal Range - How To Stay Healthy

If you have worked hard over the past few months to lower
your cholesterol levels, you want to ensure that you keep it
within the cholesterol normal range that is considered
acceptable. Simply put, in order to stay fit as you age, you
will want to continue to monitor your cholesterol levels,
eat a proper diet and exercise regularly.

Once you have determined which diet is helping you control
your cholesterol normal range, stick to that diet with
determination. Snacks now and then are not completely off
limit, as long as you don't indulge excessively. Your
primary problem might have been over eating the bad choice
foods. So resist the temptation of falling back into
unhealthy habits, and continue the good work.

To keep within cholesterol normal range your exercise
routine should be kept up too. Getting used to daily
exercise is not easy initially and once you start missing
your exercise sessions, you may find yourself getting back
to your old routine. So every time you feel like missing a
session, recall how hard it was to make exercise part of
your daily routine. Also, a bit like your diet, do exercises
that you will enjoy (or dislike least if you really are
averse to exercise). Check with your doctor if you are
starting exercise for the first time.

It's important to maintain a routine of good health habits.
Even though you have successfully gotten into a cholesterol
normal range for the time being, there is still the
possibility it can rise again. Remember how good it feels to
have your health and vitality back whenever you're tempted
to cheat.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to maintain
cholesterol normal range levels, consult your doctor for
some medication. Not all cholesterol levels can be lowered
easily. Sometimes medication is necessary, especially when
cholesterol is produced in excess in the body. It's also
necessary when you've had a heart problem, and when natural
ways to reduce cholesterol take too long.

Poor diet could hinder the effectiveness of any medication
you take, so make sure that you maintain a good diet along
with intake of medication to lower cholesterol. By
maintaining a cholesterol normal range, it is also good for
the heart, and keeps you fitter and younger for a longer
time. In fact, most doctors that prescribe medication will
insist that you combine a healthy lifestyle with the
medication rather than rely totally on medication.

In order to have a healthy cholesterol normal range, you
must exercise and eat only healthy cholesterol friendly
foods that you enjoy. When you balance the correct foods
with exercise you will find that you not only look better,
but feel better as well.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Prevent Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis, as the name suggests is a lifelong
condition therefore it is best to stop the progression of
the disease in its early stages. An attack of bronchitis
starts as acute bronchitis, it is a generalized inflammation
of airways and commonly shows with the following symptoms:

-Frequent bouts of coughing, which may or may not be
accompanied by chest tightness.
-Affected person gasps for oxygen.
-Extreme tiredness.
-Fever may also be present.
-Pain may occur after bouts of prolonged expectoration.

This continued over a long duration may manifest as chronic
bronchitis if not checked in time.

The first and most important step is to recognize the
irritant and take measures to eliminate it. Exposure with
irritants like dust should be avoided at all costs. Smokers
should quit on smoking before the condition gets out of

Additional preventive measures include:

-Those predisposed towards regular bronchitis attacks like
chain smokers should avoid areas of heavy air pollution and
-Always wear shielding clothes and mask when working in a
dusty environment.
-Be extra careful during seasonal changes as the number of
bronchitis attacks increase in this period.
-Be sure to take up a fixed schedule of physical activity.
-Cover mouth and nose when going out in cold climates so
that the person does not breath in cold air as cold air is
known to worsen the situation.
-Be careful when taking drugs for other minor niggles as
some drugs can add to the problem. Always consult your doctor.
-Include high quantities of salubrious vitamins like vitamin
A and C.

In case of an exacerbation of bronchitis here are
the things that you can do to ease the distress:

-Start taking in steam inhalations to loosen the mucous so
that it can be easily coughed out.
-Avoid excessive usage of drugs that decrease the cough as our
aim should be to cough out as much mucous as possible.
-Use steroidal inhalers breathers if necessary.
-Another preventive step to take is limit the intake of food
stuff that increase the production of cough like sugary food
stuff, dairy and fat laden products.
-Also be punctual with annual vaccinations against flu.
-Keep good personal hygiene and always clean hands before
any meal.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Training Your Body After Your 40th Birthday

By Ricardo d Argence

They say that age is just a number, but when it comes to
work outs and staying in shape that age factor is a definite
factor in how you will approach your fitness regimen. Some
people want to say that they are over 40 and they use their
age as an excuse for not maintaining a healthy lifestyle and
a regular workout routine.

Regular exercise and staying fit are very important no
matter what your age. If you approach weight training, diet
and work outs the correct way you can maintain a remarkably
healthy and fit body for many years, regardless of your age.
There are many benefits of both weightlifting and
bodybuilding. You can reshape your body, become healthier,
increase bone density and weight loss.

It is well known that individuals who partake in regular
physical fitness tend to have a better outlook on life, and
are balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Exercise
also causes the brain to release endorphins which increase
happiness and the feeling of wellness.

Let's start with some basics, being over 40 means that you
do need to make a few concessions in your workout routine,
but it does not mean that you have to be a victim of false
notions about aging. As we get older, our muscles and joints
are less limber and this means that adequate stretching and
warm up prior to exercising is very important.

A time frame of 15 minutes is needed for stretching routines
so you can increase flexibility and lessen the chance for
muscle pain, sprains or other damage. Your muscles will
become better conditioned the more complete you stretch.

Next is a 15 minute cardio portion on a treadmill,
elliptical, stair master, or a bike. You don't need to strain
yourself when doing this exercise; instead, you just want to
increase your heart rate slightly and continue to tone and
stretch like before. This exercise will let your body know
that you are serious about doing some work.

If you are doing circuit training or a free weight routine,
have a quick run through without the stress of heavy
weights, and then follow this brief warm up by doing reps
with the appropriate weights,the next step should be to work
out with light weights.

When using the pyramid system, you add reps but use less
weight, then you start adding weight and decreasing the
reps, which is how a lot of the bodybuilders do their
workouts. Pay constant attention to your posture. This
method of weightlifting has great success for those who want
to add muscle and bulk to their bodies. Even if it means
decreasing the weights or the amount of repetitions, correct
posture must be your main consideration. This maximizes your
results and reduces your risk of injury.

You should be training with weights at least four days per
week and each session should be no more than 30 to 45
minutes. One could repeat a cardio workout to wind down
after lifting weight. This also give your heart and lungs

Get the number one
natural bodybuilding program, the Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail
System and achieve the best results in a few weeks.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Healthy Eating Meant for Kids

Parents would usually do anything just to convince their
children to eat healthy food. They can resort to all types
of bribery, warning, or manipulation just to persuade their
child. It would be a lot nicer though if they did not need
to use such heavy-handed tactics.

There are seven quick tips to help you succeed with healthy

1. Begin as early as possible. It can be harder to do if
you waited longer. The taste buds of children may be ruined
by sweet treats and when that happens, it is really hard to
get them to eat Brussels sprouts and broccoli. You can opt
to choose tip # 4 if you have waited to long.

2. Have a supply of healthy foods inside your home. This
can remove their fondness for one food or food group. It can
be OK for them to have their favorite food, but offering
them alternatives does help in orienting them with different
food tastes. Unhealthy foods are of course out of the
picture. This means no junk food should be allowed. It may
only spell trouble in the long run.

3. Blend the foods that they like with the food they hate.
Here is how you do it: stir fry onions with zucchini,
broccoli, carrots and snow peas rather than giving them only
a platter of steamed broccoli. To make sure that your child
gets some carrots with his or her zucchini, you should slice
it into small pieces.

4. Be firm! If you cannot impose firm-love, your plan
will fail. You will need to inform your child that this is
what you cooked for dinner and that is it. There is no other
available food. If you only have healthy food in your home,
it can work. Since there are no other options and they get
hungry, they have no other choice but to eat what you

5. Keep your kid away from people who may sabotage your
plan. Some people are just too wicked that they find
fulfillment in successfully luring a child to get sweets that
they offer. It can be disappointing that even doctors and
dentists offer my children candy. Tell your kids to politely
decline by saying "No thank you". If the person is a
relative, tell them frankly how you do not like what they
are doing and that you will stop visiting them if they won't

6. Do not allow your child to watch commercial TV. Yes, that
is right. Commercials on TV provide nutritional education to
95% of our population. And as our children watch kid's
shows, they only see commercials of junk food. This can
influence them a lot on what food they want to eat.

7. Be a good model. This is apparently the most important
tip. Do not expect your child to give up on candy and ice
cream if you can't do it yourself. Convince them to eat
fish, vegetables and whole grains by showing them that you
are eating it as well. At an early age, you will be their
role model, so you might as well be a good one.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Want To Be Happy? Be Healthy

A main concern for everyone is maintaining health and
happiness. You will start to feel great if you incorporate
these tips into your daily life. It is not a difficult
thing to stay healthy. Don't worry; you won't have to spend
money on books or fitness machines. Simply follow some of
these tips to find good health and the resultant peace that
a healthy body brings to the mind.

1. Breathe! Daily stress makes people tense and they tend to
hold it in. By being aware of your breath, you are able to
release that stress and relax. Take slow deep breaths.

2. Get some sun. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D.
It's good to get about ten minutes of direct sun (without
sunscreen) each day. Because mid-day sun is very harsh,
stand out in the morning.

3. Drink water every day. Our bodies are 60-70% water! Not
only does water get rid of toxins, but it also carries
nutrients. It is important to stay hydrated, and sometimes
when you are hungry, you may actually be thirsty. Try adding
a little maple syrup, lemon, or lime for flavor.

4. Get out and exercise. Whether you are walking, running,
or using machines, stay active. Try to get thirty minutes of
exercise a day. Some people also enjoy yoga, pilates, or tai
chi. To make exercising more fun, invite a friend; a friend
will also help you stay motivated.

5. Laugh. Laughing will make you feel good, and it also
relieves stress.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very important. Fruits
and veggies are low in calories and a great source of
vitamins and minerals. When possible, choose organic for the
following reasons: they are not genetically modified, are
higher in nutrients, and are not sprayed with conventional
pesticides. Try to incorporate super foods (foods with many
health benefits) into your diet such as flax seeds,
spirulina, olives, avocados, blueberries, cacao, bee pollen,
aai, maca, aloe vera, and noni fruit.

Be positive. Enjoy everything you do, this is YOUR life.