Saturday, January 17, 2009

Natural Remedies For Arthritis : Exercise And Supplements

Many people are turning to natural treatment of arthritis to
avoid taking medications that have dangerous side affects.
There are many anti-inflammatory medicines out there that do
help arthritis sufferers to cope. However, there are always
some risks associated with these drugs. However there are natural
remedies that have proven helpful to arthritis suffers and
give relief without the risk of side affects.

Help Your Body Help Itself

Natural arthritis pain relief supplements are extremely
popular nowadays, and the two compounds glucosamine and
chondroitin, which are found naturally in the body can help
in giving pain relief to your joints as well as repairing
them. A sulfur compound called MSM is another natural
arthritis pain relief and has the same pain relief factors
as any other anti-inflammatories, and can reduce swelling to
a great extent.

Two other natural supplements that have been proven very
effective are niacinamide and manganese. Niacinamide,
commonly referred to as Vitamin B3 helps repair and
strengthen tissue and cells and therefore diminishes the
pain that arthritis can cause. For those who suffer from
osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis manganese is very
helpful. This antioxidant helps to slow down the affects of
aging on muscles and joints.

Other options for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
sufferers are turmeric and ginger extract. These are natural
supplements that reduce swelling in joints and muscles and
therefore reduce the severity of pain. Arthrit-Eze is a
supplement made especially for arthritis sufferers that
pulls all of these natural supplements together to fight the
crippling affects of arthritis.

Take Care of Your Body

Most people who suffer from arthritis must take some kind of
medication in order to cope. However, taking good care of
your body can really help relieve much of your suffering as
well. Eating right, daily exercise and getting the proper
amount of rest will contribute to better health and less
suffering. Keep in mind that the type of exercise you do
should be based on the type of arthritis you suffer from.

For natural arthritis pain relief exercising is vital, as it
helps arthritis patients to increase the flexibility of
their joints. It also helps to increase bone vigor and also
increases the strength of their muscles and energy levels.
In this way they can control their weight and indirectly
protect their heart. The patients should not choose
exercises programs on their own, but ask their doctor which
exercises are recommended for their type of arthritis.