Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ways to Shape A Child's Brain Development

By Michael Byrd

When and how to use methods for better child brain
development is important; many recommend computer programs.
According to experts however, it may be too late if the
window of opportunity to enhance a child's brain development
has ceased.

It is always good to begin even before the baby is born up
to the time of his or her third birthday. This is the most
crucial period in the child's brain development and
determines its ability to learn for the rest of their life.

It may appear unusual to begin even before a child is able
to read, write or reason, but there are studies to back this
and it has shown that all these skills begin to develop even
before a child goes to kindergarten.

In the latest research published in Developmental Medicine
and Child Neurology [Vol. 42: 174-181], doctors studied 56
babies, as young as 5 days old, and gave them a diet
supplement of omega 3 fish oil fatty acids and DHA.

The set of babies that were given DHA showed significantly
higher cognitive and motor skills, as compared to the other
set of babies (those without fish oil supplements) based on
the "Mental Development Index."

Doctors have concluded that an early dietary supply of fish
oil with DHA is needed at an early age to assure improved
performance and mental development for full term babies.

Research on premature babies, that was published in the
Clinics of Perinatology, . [Vol. 22(1):157-75], established
that babies who are not born full term also benefit from
fish oil. Those given omega 3 fatty acids with DHA as
supplements definitely had improvement in their cognitive
and visual development.

These are just a few of the many research findings that have
proven the secret to a child's brain development is
providing it with enough omega 3 and DHA.

DHA consists of rich long-chain omega 3 in the brain tissue.
Roughly 95% of these lipids can be found during birth and
develops to be a part of these tissues even inside the
uterus and continues during the first year of life.

So it does make sense for pregnant women to consume more
fish and get a supplement of fish oil. This is a good way to
build a good foundation on a child's brain development from
the very start and will surely be a big factor to determine
its intelligence and ability to learn in the future.

Subsequently, make sure that you breast-feed your child
during the first year. Sufficient amounts of omega 3's can
come from breast milk.

Research that was published in the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition illustrated that even moderate amounts of
dietary fish oil with DHA will radically elevate breast milk
content. [Vol. 40, 780-785]

These research results on brain development were enough to
convince my wife to use fish oil while she was pregnant and
while nursing our children. She also started giving
supplements of salmon oil to our children while they were
just six months old.

From the capsule, it went to the spoon, then to their
mouths. And now, we get remarks from people telling us how
smart they are and they have high test scores to prove it.

But the best part is they are happy and healthy children
too. Try fish oil on your kids and you will be thankful you

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