Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drug Addiction : Prescription Drugs

When you hear people talking about drug addiction problems,
what do you think of immediately? It's probably cocaine,
alcohol, or maybe some other harmful drug.

These drugs kill a lot of people, but what about drugs that
were actually meant to help people? What about prescription

Hospitals use prescription drugs all over the world for many
reasons. There are pain relief drugs, drugs for disorders of
the psyche, and many other applications.

Prescription drugs are designed to help the sick or injured,
but when they are abused, they are just as harmful and
addictive as any other type of drug.

One factor that adds to the addictive nature of prescription
drugs is that they are designed to help. This often creates
a psychological trap for people.

Everyone knows that cocaine and cigarettes kill people
everyday. But the pain medicine your family doctor gives you
for your back problems is far less intimidating, and thus it
is easier for people to fall into abusing them.

That also means it is more difficult for the person
suffering to get help. If their doctor gave them the drugs
it is hard for them to see that they have a problem.

It also makes it hard to see how dangerous they are. But
most deaths caused by prescription drug abuse happens the
first time the person abuses them. That means most people
only have to do it one time and they could die.

If you or one of your loved ones has a problem with prescription
drugs, seek help immediately.

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