Friday, January 16, 2009

How Do You Get Rid Of Loose Flabby Arms?

As we age, many people are stricken with loose and flabby
skin under their arms. Many people are looking to lose some
weight in that area to give them back the toned muscle that
they once had, but there is no way to target a weight loss
in just that area. It seems as though the problem is more
common in women, but there are men who suffer from the same
problem. The question becomes, how do you get rid of loose
flabby arms?

As we age we lose much of the collagen and elastin our body
produces. Some people just genetically have extra fat there
in their upper arms. When we were kids, they were called
"Grandma Arms". Do not despair, you have options and can get
rid of those loose flabby arms.

This part of the body is not the easiest to lose weight in
so you should recognize this problem before you get started.
You also will not be able to target this specific area of
your body for weight loss. There have been some gels and
creams that have come on the market that are designed
specifically to reduce the fat in this area. However, there
is still not enough information on whether these products
actually work.

Surgery is an option for people who want to eliminate the
extra skin and fat in the upper arm area. The cosmetic
procedure that is used to work on this area is called
brachioplasty or an arm lift. The surgery is done with
general anesthesia and you will be able to go home the same
day. There is a two to six week recovery time and you will
most likely be given pain medication for use at home.

Liposuction is another, a little less invasive surgical
procedure to take the fat out of your under arm. Many times
they do a combination surgery with the brachioplasty and
liposuction. After surgery you will have pain and be given
medication. You will probably be out of the work force for
at least a week.

The most sensible and safest way to get rid of that loose
weight under your arm is to try and build muscle there.
There are a some exercises that you can do at home or at the

A push up is the most common exercise that you can use for
this part of your body. You can choose to do a regular push
up or a wall push up that will tone the muscles under the

Dips may be another good exercise that will work on this
part of your body. You sit on a chair or bench and lift
yourself off of the chair with your arms and dip below the
chair and then back up again. If you work with these
exercises, you might find that you are able to build the
muscle under your arms in no time at all.


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