Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How To Prevent Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis, as the name suggests is a lifelong
condition therefore it is best to stop the progression of
the disease in its early stages. An attack of bronchitis
starts as acute bronchitis, it is a generalized inflammation
of airways and commonly shows with the following symptoms:

-Frequent bouts of coughing, which may or may not be
accompanied by chest tightness.
-Affected person gasps for oxygen.
-Extreme tiredness.
-Fever may also be present.
-Pain may occur after bouts of prolonged expectoration.

This continued over a long duration may manifest as chronic
bronchitis if not checked in time.

The first and most important step is to recognize the
irritant and take measures to eliminate it. Exposure with
irritants like dust should be avoided at all costs. Smokers
should quit on smoking before the condition gets out of

Additional preventive measures include:

-Those predisposed towards regular bronchitis attacks like
chain smokers should avoid areas of heavy air pollution and
-Always wear shielding clothes and mask when working in a
dusty environment.
-Be extra careful during seasonal changes as the number of
bronchitis attacks increase in this period.
-Be sure to take up a fixed schedule of physical activity.
-Cover mouth and nose when going out in cold climates so
that the person does not breath in cold air as cold air is
known to worsen the situation.
-Be careful when taking drugs for other minor niggles as
some drugs can add to the problem. Always consult your doctor.
-Include high quantities of salubrious vitamins like vitamin
A and C.

In case of an exacerbation of bronchitis here are
the things that you can do to ease the distress:

-Start taking in steam inhalations to loosen the mucous so
that it can be easily coughed out.
-Avoid excessive usage of drugs that decrease the cough as our
aim should be to cough out as much mucous as possible.
-Use steroidal inhalers breathers if necessary.
-Another preventive step to take is limit the intake of food
stuff that increase the production of cough like sugary food
stuff, dairy and fat laden products.
-Also be punctual with annual vaccinations against flu.
-Keep good personal hygiene and always clean hands before
any meal.