Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nine Weight loss Tips for 2009

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Everybody hates the word 'diet'. It makes you think of pain
and misery. It is definitely hard to keep your will power
to stay on a diet during the holidays.

But it isn't all terrible. There are many ways to quickly
lose unwanted weight without starving yourself and it really
is quite easy - as long as you know how to do it. Start the
New Year off right with great weight loss results by
following these easy tips.

Here are the top nine ways to lose pounds in 2009.

1. Water. Many people do not drink water at all, and yet it
is the best way to naturally clean out your body and
simultaneously shed pounds. Drinking enough water is so
easy. Just drink a glass of water before every meal and
snack and you will feel rehydrated and fuller so you will be
less tempted to over-eat at mealtimes.

2. Fiber. Fiber is a brilliant weight-loss secret that can
help you lose weight at the same time as making you feel
full. You can actually reduce your hunger pangs by getting
enough fiber in your diet. Simple foods like fruit,
vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and beans will
increase your fiber intake, make you feel full faster and
help you lose weight quicker.

3. Snacks. Just because you're losing weight, that shouldn't
mean you go without food. Feel free to snack whenever you're
hungry. Your metabolism will actually speed up a little by
eating more. Just be careful with the types of snacks you
choose. It's always fine to snack on nuts or fruit, but you
can also add a snack-size tub of low-fat yogurt or baked
rice crisps. Just be sensible about your snack choices.

4. Walk. Take every opportunity to walk. Take the stairs
instead of the elevator. Park further away from the store
and walk the rest of the way. Stroll around the block with
your dog or with a friend. Switch on your stereo and just
jive to the music.

5. Grilled not Fried. Switch to grilling food instead of
frying. Grilling is not only easier and less time consuming,
it's healthier and contains far fewer calories.

6. Side Dishes. We have been groomed to believe that meals
are not complete without fries on the side. Instead of
eating fries, eat a simple and healthy salad or steamed

7. Processed Foods. Pre-packaged deli ham, chicken and
turkey are quick and easy to have available in the fridge,
but they have high levels of sodium. Sodium makes your body
retain fluid and makes it harder for you to lose weight.
Don't buy pre-packaged processed foods whenever possible.
Opt for fresh options.

8. Keep It Lean. Red meat and poultry are not off limits;
just remember to buy the leanest cuts available. Trim off
excess fat and cut off the skin from chicken. Grill your
meat to keep the goodness in and minimize the amounts of

9. Meal Replacement. Meal replacement diets are quick and
easy, and can keep you slim. All you have to do is eat a
pre-prepared meal in place of you breakfast, lunch or
dinner. These meals are available through a variety of
companies and take the guess work out of diet planning.

Remember these simple rules and you will be slimmer and
happier in 2009.