Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Stop Snoring Quickly

Finding out how to stop snoring or prevent someone else from
doing so can be extremely beneficial, especially if one of
the two is keeping you from sleeping at night. Even though
you might know why you snore, figuring out how to go about
treating the problem can be more difficult.

Begin With Yourself

Determining how to stop yourself from snoring requires
taking a look at you and your habits. For example,
overweight individuals tend to snore more often than people
with an average body weight. Sleep apnea, a medical
condition that should be discussed with a doctor, often
appears in individuals with high blood pressure and also
causes snoring.

One thing you can do to try to prevent snoring is sleeping
in a different position. You can also experiment with different
pillows to see if a certain design or firmness stops you
from snoring. If your snoring is related to nasal
congestion, try to sleep with your head elevated. Other
sleeping positions, like sleeping on your stomach, reduce
your chances of snoring. Even though they are not helpful
for everyone, some people are helped by using anti-snoring

A healthy lifestyle can set you free. Stop snoring is a
concept that is linked to eating healthy and getting plenty
of exercise during the day. Things such as extra weight,
alcohol, drugs and smoking all contribute to a snoring
problem. If you can cut these things from your life, you may
be able to reduce or learn how to stop snoring.

Another possible cause of snoring is the type of medications
that you use. Many antihistamines and sleeping medications
will cause snoring. If allergies are the problem, you can
consult a doctor in order to get allergy medicine that will
not make you snore.

Over the counter nasals strips are among the best methods of
getting rid of your snoring problem. Using these strips to
open nasal passages during the night tends to help people
with snoring problems.

Snoring is indeed a frustrating problem. It can be serious,
however, if you find yourself struggling to breathe while
snoring. A doctor can direct you to a sleep specialist who
can assist you if this is your situation.