Friday, January 23, 2009

These 5 Chemicals Are A Danger To Your Skin

Skincare products boast a lot of claims these days. Some of
these products however, contain substances that may not
agree with your skin and could cause problems. Before
purchasing one of the many beauty products on the market,
check to see if they contain any chemicals from the list

1. Alcohols: Alcohol is a drying agent. If you have dry skin,
alcohol will make your skin feel even drier. Alcohols go by
many names so look closely at the label for words ending in
-ol. Drying agents will further strip your skin and hair of
necessary moisture.

2. Parabens: What are these products? It is a chemical that
inhibits the growth of bacterial in products like lotions
and creams. When we pour or pump lotion from the bottle, our
skin may come in contact with the top. It is a potential
source of contamination to the product especially if several
people use it. Parabens work to stop that, but can cause
skin irritations in many users.

3. Perfumes: Companies work hard to produce a new scent that
people will like. Even though you may like the smell, it can
cause skin irritations or allergies if the right chemicals
are mixed together. A rule of thumb is to avoid skincare
products that are scented. Look for words like
hypoallergenic when buying skincare products.

4. Phthalate: Look at the ingredient list on your lotions
and soaps the next time you are in the store. If you see the
word phthalate (pronounced thal-ate), put it back. These
chemicals have a poor reputation and they are harmful to

5. Dyes: Ever wonder where the color comes from in your
skincare products? It adds flare to the packaging to entice
the consumer but it does more than that. Read your labels.
Dyes can dry out your skin or cause rashes and other nasty
skin irritations for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Reading labels is important. The more that you know about
what you are buying, the less likely you are to purchase a
skincare product containing one of these chemicals. Since
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate
skincare products, it is up to us to police them.

We hope that manufacturers wouldn't sell us a bad bill of
goods but it happens more often than you think. The only
thing that these manufacturers are required to do is list
ingredients on the label according to how much is included.
Even with skincare products claiming to be all-natural,
check the label to validate their claim.