Friday, January 30, 2009

The Importance Of Whey Protein In Building Muscle

You may be wondering why whey protein is important for
building muscle. You have probably heard about this supplement
from some of your bodybuilding friends or from your personal
trainer, and wondered what exactly it was. If you are
wondering whether or not you need to supplement your diet
with whey protein, here is the information that you need to decide.

Whey protein is a really good source of protein for
bodybuilders, because it is really high in quality. In fact,
whey is about 30% to 90% protein, which means that it is
going to be a really good source of protein. You don't have
to fill up your diet with other foods to get a lot of

You may be asking yourself whether or not whey is for you,
and the answer is going to depend on what your diet looks
like. The first step is to decide whether or not you need
additional protein. If you are working out, you are going
to need a lot more protein to keep your body moving, so
supplementing with a bodybuilding supplement is going to be

Whey is going to be a good choice for those people who are
interested in getting a lot of pure protein and without getting
a lot of chemicals and other minerals in their supplements.
The only people who probably shouldn't use whey protein are
people who are sensitive to dairy products because it is made
from the byproducts of cheese.

There are three different types of whey proteins:
concentrates, isolates, and hydrolysates. There are some
differences between these three main types of whey proteins.
For example, whey protein concentrates are going to be low
in fat and cholesterol but they are only going to contain
between 30% and 90% of protein by weight.

Isolates are going to be processed to get rid of the fat in
them and are higher in protein than concentrates, but
some people report that they have a bad taste.

Hydrolysates are going to be able to be easily absorbed by
your body, but they are pricier than the other two types of
whey protein. The hydrolysates also tend to taste bad,
and you may have to mix this type of whey powder with
something else like juice to be able to stomach it.

So what exactly is whey protein going to do for you? The
answer is simple, its going to increase your muscle mass,
help you to recover faster and going to give you energy.
If these are things that you are looking for, you might want
to try adding whey protein to your supplement regimen. Whey
protein is something that not a lot of people know about,
but if you want to try it, it is going to help to improve your workouts.