Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Are The Top 5 Energy Foods?

Many of us find that we are a bit low on energy, especially
if we are dieting or we have had weight loss surgery.
Dieting seems to take a lot out of us because we are consuming
less food, we are not taking in caffeine like we used to,
and there is also the fact that the body can be deprived of
certain nutrients. Although many dieters feel that they are
eating the right foods, the question is if they are eating enough
of the right foods and if they are taking a dietary supplement
to help them along.

The dietary supplement

A good dietary supplement is great to take each day so that
you can have more energy. However, it cannot work alone in
providing your body with the natural nutrients it needs to
create an adequate amount of energy to help you through your

However, a good supplement that will help you along will
contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin,
Vitamins B6 and B12, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid,
Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorus. Some supplements are now
including tri-Amino blends that include L-Taurine,
L-lutamine, and L-Carnitine. These are great for helping
provide a little extra energy.


And now that you know a dietary supplement can't do it all
on its own, it is very important that you be made aware of 5
good energy foods and vegetables that will help in providing
you with the energy you need. It doesn't matter if you are
on a weight loss mission, have had weight loss surgery or if
you just want to have more energy, these are foods that you
should eat because they work in making you healthier.

Those 5 foods are:

1. Wheat and barley - Anything containing these two food
items will be high in energy. This explains why runners and
other athletes will eat pasta the day before a competitive
event. However, this is not something that you should eat a
lot of. You must portion this. If you have had weight loss
surgery such as lap band, this is something that your doctor
will review with you.

2. Fruits - Take into consideration that the earth bears
fruit and fruit is good for us. High energy fruits include
bananas, strawberries, and pineapples. Stick to the organic
fruits, which have not been treated with herbicides,
pesticides and other chemicals.

3. Vegetables - Amongst vegetables, some of the most high
energy foods that are great for those on weight loss endeavors
are green leafy vegetables. Cabbage and spinach have been
pinned as the two that create the highest degree of energy.
Use the same criteria when acquiring vegetables as for fruit above.

4. Chicken - Chicken is high in protein and is great for
weight loss. However, it must be skinless chicken or it will
defeat the purpose.

5. Yogurt - Dairy is the tricky one for the fact that it is
the dairy foods that are high in fat that provide the most
energy. However, you can have yourself a cup of yogurt and
provide yourself with some extra energy. There are dairy
products out there that will enable you to energize and
still achieve weight loss.

A balanced diet

It mainly comes down to having a balanced diet. If you have
lap band surgery or another weight loss surgery, your doctor
will talk to you about portions and eating the right foods.
Even if you are trying to lose weight the old fashioned way,
the success lies in the foods that you eat. You also have to
exercise and consider weight loss support.

These two things make for a super weapon against weight
gain. In the meantime, you will shed the pounds and have the
energy to do it, which means a better quality of life for