Thursday, January 15, 2009

Start Walking To Get Fit And Healthy

Walking is good for the body and the mind. It is a
pleasurable way to improve ones health and it is easy on the
bones and joints. Those who walk for at least 30 minutes or
more four to five days a week can witness a variety of
health benefits.

Start your program slowly as your need to allow your body to
adjust at a gradual pace. Keep yourself well hydrated as you
walk and pay close attention to your posture. To start a
walking program you need to find the motivation to get off
the couch and then you need to dress in comfortable clothes
and put on a pair of walking shoes.

Walking shoes are not the exact same as running shoes as
they have less cushioning. If you walk often then you need
a proper pair of walking shoes. Always try both shoes on at
once and shop in the late afternoon. Shoes should not have to
be broken into to fit comfortably.

Increasing the speed you walk is one way to go, as is
walking uphill. Carrying some type of weights in both hands
will also help you to burn more calories. You can burn
plenty of calories when you walk if you do certain things.

Taking 10,000 steps a day can give your level of health a
tremendous boost. Unfortunately most people only take 3,000
steps daily. I suggest you get a pedometer which measures
how many steps you take and also how many calories you burn.

How successful a walking routine is, often has to do with
motivation. Everyone can feel less than motivated from time
to time.

How fast a person walks has to do with a number of factors,
one of which is their gender.

The most important thing about a walking program is that you
begin. Walking will make you feel better and fell better
about the new healthy you.