Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does Anybody Need A Multi Vitamin?

Some people don't eat as well as they should because they
are pressed for time and it's faster to get restaurant food
when they're out running around. Some people don't eat as
well as they should because they don't really know how to
eat in a more healthy way. Regardless of the reasons that
people don't eat a balanced diet each day the end result
is that people need to take vitamins and minerals in daily
supplements to help balance out their poor diets.

In order to stay healthy and to get the vitamins and
minerals that are missing from your daily diet, multi
vitamins are the ideal choice, but doctors and medical
experts are muted on their opinions.

One of the biggest reasons that some doctors feel that
taking multi vitamins is a waste of time is that most of the
thousand of multi vitamins that are on the market today are
made up of synthetic vitamins and minerals that were created
in a lab specifically for use in a multi vitamin tablet.

These doctors argue that using synthetic vitamins and
minerals doesn't help the body as much as the natural
vitamins and minerals found in food would.

There is some evidence that shows that synthetic multi
vitamins can provide some of the nutrients your body
requires to remain healthy.

Although these multi vitamins might be somewhat effective at
providing some nutrients, a synthetically produced multi
vitamin can't replace the need for food, a scientist at
Northwestern University says.

The truth is that your body interacts with food and it's much
better and more effective to get vitamins and minerals from
food than through a multi vitamin.

Multi vitamins are a good back up source of vitamins and
minerals for people that don't always eat a balanced diet or
don't always get the kind of nutrition that they should
through food. Most doctors would agree with that, but multi
vitamins aren't going to completely replace the need for
food. Remember, it's a meal supplement not replacement.

The debate doesn't stop here, proponents of multi vitamin
pills argue that the food people eat today isn't all that
healthy because of the soil depletion, pollution, and the
use of pesticides and chemicals which kills most of the
vitamins and minerals. Regarding the synthetic nature of the pills,
there's a good choice of 100% natural and organic vitamins
available today.

It is a basic understanding of whether or not multi vitamins
are as effective as eating food to get vitamins and minerals.
Since it's just not possible to eat a balanced diet all
the time, knowing which vitamins and supplements you can
take to help make up for the times when you can't eat a
balanced meal will help you give your body all the tools
that it needs to stay healthy.


Derick said...

There are many factors that doctors are skeptical about concerning multi-vitamin tablets. One of them is the dissolubility of the tablet when it reaches your intestine. Does it actually dissolute so that nutrients can pass through the intestinal lining? Another major issue is whether the body recognizes synthetic vitamins. Really speaking, the body can’t tell the difference between a synthetic vitamin and a natural vitamin because the chemistry is the same. Doctors, do however, recommend that you take your multi-vitamin tablets with your meals. A combination of nutrients causes a synergy effect and maximizes health benefits of various nutrients. Effervescent technology is excellent delivery form for multi-vitamins as it ensures almost 100% dissolution and absorption of nutrients. Effervescent vitamins, like MultiVescence, can help support heart, digestive and immune health.

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