Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cholesterol Normal Range - How To Stay Healthy

If you have worked hard over the past few months to lower
your cholesterol levels, you want to ensure that you keep it
within the cholesterol normal range that is considered
acceptable. Simply put, in order to stay fit as you age, you
will want to continue to monitor your cholesterol levels,
eat a proper diet and exercise regularly.

Once you have determined which diet is helping you control
your cholesterol normal range, stick to that diet with
determination. Snacks now and then are not completely off
limit, as long as you don't indulge excessively. Your
primary problem might have been over eating the bad choice
foods. So resist the temptation of falling back into
unhealthy habits, and continue the good work.

To keep within cholesterol normal range your exercise
routine should be kept up too. Getting used to daily
exercise is not easy initially and once you start missing
your exercise sessions, you may find yourself getting back
to your old routine. So every time you feel like missing a
session, recall how hard it was to make exercise part of
your daily routine. Also, a bit like your diet, do exercises
that you will enjoy (or dislike least if you really are
averse to exercise). Check with your doctor if you are
starting exercise for the first time.

It's important to maintain a routine of good health habits.
Even though you have successfully gotten into a cholesterol
normal range for the time being, there is still the
possibility it can rise again. Remember how good it feels to
have your health and vitality back whenever you're tempted
to cheat.

If you are one of those people who find it hard to maintain
cholesterol normal range levels, consult your doctor for
some medication. Not all cholesterol levels can be lowered
easily. Sometimes medication is necessary, especially when
cholesterol is produced in excess in the body. It's also
necessary when you've had a heart problem, and when natural
ways to reduce cholesterol take too long.

Poor diet could hinder the effectiveness of any medication
you take, so make sure that you maintain a good diet along
with intake of medication to lower cholesterol. By
maintaining a cholesterol normal range, it is also good for
the heart, and keeps you fitter and younger for a longer
time. In fact, most doctors that prescribe medication will
insist that you combine a healthy lifestyle with the
medication rather than rely totally on medication.

In order to have a healthy cholesterol normal range, you
must exercise and eat only healthy cholesterol friendly
foods that you enjoy. When you balance the correct foods
with exercise you will find that you not only look better,
but feel better as well.