Saturday, January 10, 2009

How To Banish Belly Fat With 3 Easy Changes

Losing belly fat can be easy, as long as you implement these
healthy techniques! They are not only easy, but they don't
require you to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle.
And no, its not a new diet or special exercise! Instead they
are simply a few changes in the way you do everyday things!

1. Breakfast is the king: Every morning you wake up from a 9
or 10 hour fast. So you need to re-fuel your body by eating,
or by breaking the fast, hence the word break-fast!

We all know the rule that breakfast is the most important
meal of the day. Only most people don't know that not eating
a proper breakfast leads to weight gain. Most people eat a
small breakfast (some people skip breakfast all together),
a medium sized lunch and a large dinner. Eating this way
only increases the odds for weight gain.

In order to lose fat fast, you need to reverse your eating
schedule. This means your breakfast should be the largest
meal of the day, and your dinner should be the smallest one.
If you have a large dinner, you will usually go
to sleep soon after. As a result, your body won't be able to
burn all those extra calories from your large dinner. It
will instead store them as excess fat deposits.

If you make breakfast the biggest meal of your day,
your body will have the entire day to filter those calories,
using what it needs and eliminating what it doesn't. This
means that weight gain will reduce dramatically.

2. Sugar causes weight gain: Sugar is a major cause of
weight gain. The human body can convert sugar into fat
deposits really fast. Sugar can give you a speedy burst of
energy when you think you need it, but it will also cause
cravings, which inevitably lead to weight gain.

The more sugar you eat, the stronger the cravings become,
the more weight you gain, and the less happy you are. Rather
than sugar, you should eat potatoes, rice, natural fruits
and vegetables, bread, and pasta, all of which produce good

3. Water speeds up fat loss: Drinking plenty of water is
essential for losing weight naturally and staying healthy!
Remember that no matter how much water you drink you wont
gain weight, water cant convert into fat. And if you have a
hard time waking up in the morning, it is probably because
you are dehydrated.

Remember that your body requires sufficient water in order
to maintain even minor bodily functions. If you don't supply
it with enough water, it will begin storing water instead of
flushing it out. This results in increased weight gain,
which is not much fun!


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