Saturday, November 6, 2010

How To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

By Maria Cole

Christmas is the time when we celebrate, see relatives, go
to parties, and knock ourselves out shopping for the ideal
gift! Sadly, it's also the time when we overlook our skin.
This is bad because the climate change can greatly affect
our skin, leading to dryness, cracking and bleeding. To keep
your skin looking great in this cold season and prevent
winter dryness, here's what you should do:

Always carry a hydrating lip balm and hand moisturizer in
your bag or purse. Use them as often as possible even if you
think the weather isn't too cold. This will prevent skin
cracking and bleeding and prevent overall damage to your
skin. Baby oil is another alternative that can be used on
the hands and other problem areas; however, this can be
messy and isn't quickly absorbed by the skin. Avoid hand
sanitizers with alcohol as they can rob the skin of moisture
and make things worse for you in winter. If you can't wash
your hands, use an alcohol-free sanitizer instead.

The icy weather can likewise be rough on your hair and scalp
so take care of it during winter. The dry weather removes
the scalp's natural oils so get regular deep conditioning
treatments at the nearest hair salon. The extra conditioning
keeps your hair shiny and nourished even in harsh weather.

Avoid long hot baths at this time because hot water will
strip oil from your skin and cause dryness. A warm bath or
shower is recommended. When bathing, don't scrub your skin
with a loofah or scrub too often since this will lead to
bruises, especially during winter. Don't use exfoliating
bath scrubs either. Instead, use moisturizing bath gels and
scrubs to add extra moisture to your skin.

To nourish the skin from within, drink plenty of water in
winter to keep your skin well hydrated. Water increases skin
elasticity and prevents premature aging. Fruit juices are
good too since they nourish the skin and supply your body
with vitamins and minerals that are good for your skin. The
weather may be cold but that shouldn't prevent your skin
from looking great, and a lot of damage and discomfort can
be avoided by taking a few simple steps.
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