Friday, September 24, 2010

Want To Build Muscle? Focus On The Right Muscle Building Diet

By Robert Harvard

When most people begin muscle building, they typically focus
on the exercises necessary to build muscle and reduce
body fat. However, the bodybuilding diet is the most
important aspect of the entire process. Without a proper
diet, those muscles you've worked so hard to build will be
covered over with a layer of fat, which goes against
everything a bodybuilder tries to do.

A bodybuilding diet isn't difficult to keep up, it just
takes a little discipline and know how. With a few tips and
a lot of self control, you could be well on your way to the
physique you've only dreamed about.

Split Up Your Meals

As we grew up, our parents usually taught us to eat three
meals a day. Those meals were to contain the four food
groups and they were generally large enough to keep us
satiated until the next meal came around. However, the more
you eat in one sitting, the more your body has to work to
digest it. Health experts now tell us to split up our meals
into four to six smaller meals, eaten throughout the day.
This, too, is what the bodybuilding diet entails. By
splitting up your meals into four to six smaller, more
manageable, meals each day, our metabolisms speed up,
enabling us to burn more fat than ever before.

Stay Away From Processed Food

When you begin your bodybuilding diet, you want to refrain
from anything that uses processed flour. Experienced
bodybuilders will tell you to stay to the outside perimeter
of the supermarket, where the dairy, meat, fruit, veggies
and bread are located. They will tell you to stay away from
the inside aisles of the supermarket, where all the chips,
and other processed foods are located. The simplest way to
keep to your bodybuilding diet is to tell yourself to keep
it natural. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and stay
away from anything laden with sugar; as this will turn into
fat in the long run.

Water, Water, Water

It can't be said enough. When beginning any bodybuilding
diet, you can't refrain from drinking lots of water. Water
flushes the fat and toxins from our body and also helps us
in fighting disease and illness. After all, we are seventy
percent water so we need to drink plenty of water if we hope
to stay healthy. A good rule is to drink a glass of water
before each meal, during each meal and once between meals.
This will keep you plenty hydrated and that's important,
especially when it comes to your bodybuilding diet.

If you stick to the above tips and work hard, you could
become a bodybuilder in no time. Remember, being a
bodybuilder doesn't just mean having big muscles, it also
means having low body fat. While working out will give you
the muscles you want, it's the bodybuilding diet that will
strip you of that fat so that those muscles, and all your
hard work, will finally be revealed.

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