Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Successfully Treat Snoring

By Mariah Smith

It is not unnatural to snore and many of us end up snoring either intermittently or on a regular basis. Nevertheless, when it has a bad impact on the quality of sleep, snoring becomes detrimental to health. This adversely affects the daily routine of the individual and can lead to numerous health issues and make the individual prone to bouts of irritation.

Despite the popular belief that there is no complete cure for snoring, there are a lot of cures that reduce snoring to a considerable extent. Treatments for dealing with snoring consist of a lot of home-based methods besides the medicinal and surgical treatments that have been found to be highly successful.

Choice of a snoring treatment depends on the way in which you snore - if your mouth remains shut or open while you snore and whether it occurs only when you sleep in a certain position. People who are not severe snorers can resolve their problem with some lifestyle changes, but regular snorers may require medical or surgical treatments. Lifestyle modifications include lowering weight, avoiding certain types of food and beverages like alcohol , and other changes like sleeping in a particular position with the head slightly raised and clearing your nasal passage regularly.

If these lifestyle changes are not successful in resolving your snoring habit then you have to approach a physician. Doctors can recommend a number of alternatives including use of a mechanical device whose purpose is to send puffs of air to a mask that is strapped on the face when sleeping. Nasal strips are another highly recommended method to ensure that you do not breathe through your mouth. Yet another treatment is usage of dental aids like mouth guards, which ensure continuous breathing and reduced snoring.

Lastly, there are a few surgical treatments available for snoring. These procedures involve removing tissues that create blockage and correcting the problems if any in the nasal area. Pillar procedure is one such surgical treatment for snoring, which involves placing tiny implants on the soft palate, and is quite effective.

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