Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Ready For The White Tea Revolution?

By Jack Robbins

White tea and Green tea both find their roots in China
dating back to a few thousand years ago. Green tea has
become quite popular over the past decade particularly with
its ability to aid weight loss. Both originate from the same
Camilla sinensis plant.

The two herbal teas find their differences in benefit and
taste due to the way they are plucked from the Camilla
sinensis plant. White tea is plucked at a very early stage
when the leaves are still buds, while in the case of green
tea the leaf is left to grow a little before it is then

White tea is soon going to be the talk of all weight loss
enthusiasts. Research has started showing that in many
aspects white tea is much more effective than green tea,
regarding weight loss in particular.

White tea contains three times more antioxidants than green
tea. Antioxidants have a lot of benefits, particularly for
people trying to lose weight. Antioxidants increase the
metabolism rate which in turn lets you lose weight almost
without effort. Antioxidants also help kill free radicals in
the skin which are responsible for aging.

White tea has a delightful and sweet taste in contrast to
green tea's rather bland taste. This is one of the main
reasons it can be a great aid to weight loss enthusiasts as
they will find it easier and fun to drink white tea and
follow the correct diet. White tea was historically treated
as a delicacy by Chinese people who reserved the wonderfully
tasting brew only for the upper class people.

The caffeine levels in white tea are much less compared to
green tea. Now, you can enjoy a refreshing drink without
having to worry about any side effects of caffeine to your

White tea is in fact more effective as an alternative
treatment against cancer than green tea will ever be. It
simply has more antioxidants which can cripple the ability
of cancer cells as well as preventing new ones from

Green tea has had its days, watch out for a new form of tea
taking over the herbal tea arena by storm.

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