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The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

By Gregory Chase

Afraid to smile? Afraid to show those not-so-white teeth?
Afraid that you'll be looked down upon because you don't
have pearly white teeth like the movie stars? Well, relax.
Not to worry. We've put together the top 10 teeth whitening
questions here, so you can find out what it takes to
brighten that smile. Check it out, and prepare to get

1.Can anyone benefit from teeth whitening? Everyone wants a
bright, white smile. Unfortunately, not everyone can get
one, at least not without spending a lot of money. Those who
are fortunate enough to have healthy teeth can easily
benefit from teeth whitening.

However, the teeth whitening systems of today can't do too
much for those who've had re constructive dental work. Also,
those with really bad teeth stains aren't guaranteed of
totally white smiles, either, although they will see some

2.What does a teeth whitening system consist of? There are
different types of teeth whitening systems, ranging from an
hour-long procedure done in the dentist's office, to teeth
whitening strips you can put on your teeth as you go about
your daily activities.

The most popular systems use bleaching trays and a whitening
gel. That's about all there is to it - simple and effective.
Of course, there are all kinds of
whitening toothpaste available on the market, and they do
a good job, too, although they're a little more superficial.

3.How does a teeth whitening system work? Probably the most
common tooth whitening system today uses a bleaching tray,
which either you or a professional lab, mold to the shape of
your teeth. Then you fill the tray with whitening gel, and
wear it from one to four hours a day.

Most gels have hydrogen peroxide in them which chemically
breaks down the stains on your teeth. Some gels use
carbamide peroxide instead of hydrogen peroxide, but the
results are good, either way. Over a period of time, the gel
bleaches your teeth, getting rid of stains, and returning
your teeth to their original, natural shine.

4.How long will it take for the bleaching system to whiten my
If you want your teeth whitened quickly, say perhaps
for an important date, then you can take advantage of a
system like the
Zoom! Teeth Whitening System . This is done in a dental
office, and takes an hour. Your teeth will come out about
six shades lighter in that short period of time. Or, if you
have a bit more time, you might want to use the Zoom!
Take-Home System. That system uses the bleaching trays and
the whitening gel to brighten your teeth. There are many
other systems that use the same principal, so shop around to
find the one that suits you best.

5.How do my teeth get stained in the first place? There are a
number of things that'll stain your teeth. They're referred
to in the industry as chromogenic agents. The most common
chromogenic agents are tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking.

If you drink a lot of any of those liquids, or if you smoke
a lot, then you're probably going to have some discoloration
in your teeth. As you get older, the enamel on your teeth
breaks down and you're more susceptible to stains.

6.Do teeth whitening systems hurt? Since most teeth whitening
systems use some form of peroxide, then it's possible that
you could experience a small amount of pain. But it's
nothing like getting teeth pulled or anything like that.
It's more of just a discomfort, and it doesn't last very
long. The discomfort is usually felt in the gums, because
that's where the nerves are. If you have too much
discomfort, you should contact a professional and find out
what you can do to prevent it.

7.What are moldable bleaching trays? Moldable bleaching trays
are an integral part of the teeth whitening system. They're
the parts that hold the whitening gel against your teeth
which, ultimately, cleans and brightens your teeth.

It's important that you have a bleaching tray that's exactly
formed to your teeth, otherwise the gel may not get even
coverage of your teeth, and you may get what they call zebra
teeth. It may also take a lot longer for the system to work
if the gel isn't in constant contact with your teeth. And
that means you'll have to buy extra gel.

If you don't think you can get a proper fit by yourself,
then you can take the bleaching tray and make a mold of your
teeth. Then you send it to a professional lab who'll make
the tray for you and return it to you within a few days.
Then you're sure of the right fit.

8.How long will my teeth stay white after using a teeth
whitening system?
The actual time your teeth keep their
natural shine depends on what you eat and drink. If you come
into contact with a lot of chromogenic agents, then your
teeth won't stay white as long.

Most teeth whitening systems last for a couple of years, but
it's recommended that you do touch-ups every 6 months to a
year. That way, you'll keep your lovely smile all the time.

9.What's the difference between Boil-and-Bite trays and the
trays you send to a lab?
The general rule, when dealing with
a profession, is to use a professional. After all, that's
what they're there for. However, if you want to save a
little money, there's no reason you can't do a reasonable
job yourself.

So the choice is yours. If you're confident that you can
make your bleaching tray yourself, then by all means, use
the Boil-and-Bite trays. All you do is soften them by
dipping them in boiling water, then mold them to your teeth.
It's quite a simple process. However, as always, if you're
not able to do something yourself, then there are
professionals waiting to help you out. And you know the job
will be done right because that's what they're trained for.

10.Do I have to stop drinking coffee and red wine to keep my
teeth white?
It's not necessary to change your lifestyle
just to keep your smile bright and shiny. If you see your
teeth starting to discolor, then it's ok to do a little
touch-up for a few days, every four to six months.

In summary everybody wants to have a winning smile. It's the
first thing other people see, and first impressions are
important, whether you are in the business field or engaging
in social activity. A bright smile is an icebreaker in any

So that's why teeth whitening systems were developed.
Whitening teeth isn't rocket science. That's why you're
given the choice of doing it at home on your own if you
want. Or you can go to a dentist's office and get more
sophisticated treatment, like laser teeth whitening.

Whichever method you choose, you don't need to go to the
great expense and hassle of cosmetic dentistry. All you need
is a good teeth whitening system. And where do you get that?
Check out all the great online teeth whitening systems -
they'll have your smile back to its natural whiteness and
brightness before you know it. Then you can go around
flashing that lovely smile!

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