Thursday, April 21, 2011

Want To Build Muscle While Burning Fat? Use Interval Training

By Jared Conley

You've been told a hundred times: it's impossible to build
muscle up and melt fat at the same time. You've been told that
building muscle involves an increase in calories, while fat
burning involves a decrease in calories. This conventional
wisdom is based in fact, but the beliefs are being tossed on
their ears with research into interval training. The truth
is, you can achieve muscle weight gain at the same time as
you burn fat if you add interval training to your sessions.

Interval training isn't new, but it's been more widely
understood, accepted, and implemented in recent years. While
standard cardiovascular training was looked at as the only
efficient way to shed fat, and the only effective workouts
for endurance athletes, high intensity interval training
(HIIT) has been shown to be advantageous to athletes in all
sports, and for people with wildly varying goals.

Standard aerobic activity is referred to as "steady state,"
which essentially means that you work up to a fixed
intensity level and continue working out at that level
throughout the workout. During the workout, your body gets
half of its fuel by burning fat, and gets the rest through
oxygen intake, and by tapping into your glycogen and muscle

Interval sessions, conversely, consist of short maximum
intensity intervals followed by lower intensity rest
periods. HIIT sessions are muscle sparing and are quick, but
pack a wallop. A fifteen-minute HIIT session can raise your
base metabolism for almost 24 hours, enabling you to
continue burning higher levels of fat for up to a day.

In addition to this, because your muscles consume calories
during every minute of the day, the more lean mass you have,
the more fat you burn, even while you're doing nothing.
Because HIIT not only spares your muscles, but also helps you
build muscles up, your future fat burning ability is

The bottom line is that regardless of your fitness goals,
HIIT sessions can help you increase your overall fitness
level with very short sessions. Better still, if your goals
include muscle building and fat burning, adding HIIT to your
workout schedule is a no-brainer.

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