Monday, November 24, 2008

The Easiest Way To Reduce Stress

I admit exercise is not the most exciting subject to think
about. But regular exercise will help you reduce stress in
your life, which will improve your sense of well being and
lead to a more enjoyable life experience. If you haven't
been exercising regularly, overcoming procrastination is the
hardest part.

Stress reduction is a great reason to get the exercise ball
rolling. How often have you heard someone you know say about
an ailment, "it's just stress related"? Most folks have a
tendency to make light of stress, but it's a fact that too
much stress in your life can eventually lead to illness and
even serious health problems. So starting an exercise
regimen to reduce stress in your life could be one of THE
most important decisions you make.

Exercise will help strengthen your immune system and bring
your stress level down. Even simple activities like
stretching, walking, jogging or hiking will strengthen your
heart, lungs and muscles and increase your endurance.

Walking could be the smartest exercise choice you could
make. No equipment or gear of any kind is required and you
can walk anywhere, anytime. Walking can be enjoyable,
especially if you go with a partner and just enjoy each
other's company. Going for a walk with a friend will make it
something to look forward to.

Slowly increase the intensity of your walking workout to
increase the health benefits. Pick up the pace and walk a
bit further each week. Walking can be the best overall
activity for your health if you do it properly. That means
pushing yourself so you maintain your target heart rate for
20 minutes or so. If you don't know your target heart rate,
you can easily check it online. Buy a good quality heart rate
monitor if you don't have one.

Make sure to do some basic stretching before you walk for
the purpose of loosening up the muscles in your neck,
shoulders and legs. Doing so will start the blood flowing
and help to prevent unwanted injuries.

There are a variety of activities that you could choose that
will help reduce stress in your life. But walking is easy
and inexpensive. It's an activity that allows you to get
your workout in fast, and that's important if you are on a
tight schedule. You can do your stretches and your walk, in
as little as 30-35 minutes. Surely you can find half an
hour a day for something that will make you healthier.

Even if you have to settle for a short walk occasionally,
the exercise and socializing will definitely reduce stress
over time. So grab a pair of comfy shoes and a heart rate
monitor, and walk as often as you can. It will reduce stress
levels, and it will make you feel wonderful.