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A Fitness Routine Geared Specifically For Women Who Want A Great Body Fast

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By Chris Tan

A fitness routine geared specifically for women is an
excellent way to lose weight and gain a healthier you.
However, it is important to remember that with any fitness
regimen, hard work and dedication are needed for success.

The women of today live a hustle and bustle lifestyle that
leaves them no time for anything extra. For this reason,
time is the number complaint as to why women fail at
exercise routines. In addition, it places an emphasis on the
quick fix of diet pills and teas which can be harmful and
generally don't work. To achieve the much desired 'quick
result" women need to adopt specific exercise routines.

High Intensity Workouts.

Intensity is the key when it comes to fitness trainings.
Whether you are doing cardio exercise or weight training
exercises, you have to know that the higher intensity of
your workout, the more calories you will be burning. For
example, a person who jogs for 5 days a week will be losing
less calories and fats as compared to one who runs for 3
days a week. That is how much a difference intensity levels
can make.

For maximum intensity levels, do short bursts of exercises.
For example, do sets of sprints and then rest instead of
long distance jogging. Long distance jogging will not
increase your heart rate as much as sprinting does. With
high intensity workouts, you will no longer need hours of
exercise to see results.

Training with Weights.

Training with weights is the best way to increase your
metabolism. In weight training, the heavier the weights and
the more lifting you do, the more your metabolism increases.
In addition, the higher intensity of your weight training
will increase your metabolism for twenty-four hours.

The best workout is a combination of both cardio and weight
training. All of this may seem daunting and sound like hard
work, but you will be rewarded with changes in your body
every week.

Eat a Healthy Diet.

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats ingested by the body
determine the way your body will look. Adopting a healthy
diet is another great step to achieving your fitness goals.

To see results quickly, implement a strict healthy diet into
your fitness routine. Here are some suggestions.

Eating foods high in protein rather than carbohydrates is
the best way to see results. Proteins allow your body to
feel full for longer while carbohydrates create excess
energy that the body will store, thus creating fat.

Eating small meals several times a day is another great way
to boost your metabolism. This little trick makes your body
think you're eating more food, thus it will work harder. It
is for this reason that starvation diets do not work. When
the body is starved, the metabolism does not have to work as
hard to store energy for later use.

Chris Tan is a keen fitness enthusiast. He loves to share
his knowledge and wrote articles about
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