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How And When To Use Sunblock To Prevent Skin Problems

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By Amy Nutt

Some people are under the mistaken assumption that the only
time to use sunscreen is on especially hot and sunny days.
The truth is that anytime that were out in the sun, the suns
rays are having a negative impact on our skin. There is a
constant barrage of ultraviolet light that can cause our
skin to age before its time, and it can lead to more serious
skin problems in the long term. Even on days when its not
all that hot outside, it is a good idea to use sunscreen.

With that said, sunscreen is still most needed when a person
is spending a day out in the sun, especially if they're
trying to tan. This is when there is the biggest risk of
sunburn, which is a direct result of intense sun exposure.
Its important to understand how to choose the right
sunscreen for the job. SPF, or sun protection factor, is the
rating system that is used to determine the strength of a
sunscreen. Usually, a minimum sun protection factor of 15 is
recommended for tanning or prolonged sun exposure. However,
much more powerful levels of protection are available -- up
to a 60 SPF rating or more.

There is another factor to consider, as well. There are
multiple types of ultraviolet light rays that are harmful to
the skin -- UVA and UVB. Many sunscreens are designed to
effectively block only one UVB rays, while UVA are actually
the more dangerous type. It is a good idea to look for a
sunscreen that is designed to block both types of rays.
Sunscreens that contain the ingredients zinc oxide,
ecamsule, or avobenzone are the best choices for
full-spectrum protection.

When it comes to just routine daily sun exposure, a full
application of sunscreen isn't really necessary. If you're
just eating lunch outdoors or walking for a little while
outside, then you should be okay just using other skin-care
products that contain minor sunscreens. For example, there
are many facial moisturizers that include enough sunscreen
to protect your skin from the suns rays on a day-to-day

One of the negative effects associated with sun exposure to
the skin is wrinkling. The sun is one of the primary factors
when it comes to skin starting to look aged before its time.
For people who are concerned about aging and wrinkled skin,
there are special sunscreen treatments that are design both
to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Many of these have high SPF
ratings for maximum protection from the suns light.

Aside from wrinkles, the other major impact of the sun on
human skin is skin cancer. Heavy exposure to the sun without
the proper protection can lead to a person developing deadly
skin cancers. This is one reason why its especially
important to get (
sunscreen that protects against UVA rays. Despite the fact
that UVA doesn't cause any burning sensation or redness, it
is actually the primary cause of skin cancer. So when you're
looking to buy sunscreen, make sure that you make an
educated choice that will truly protect you from skin

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