Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Important Tips For Quick, Correct & Safe Muscle Building

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By Chris Tan

Building muscle mass and doing quickly requires extreme
commitment and dedication. Anyone can choose to follow a
path to building muscle, however there are many who jump in
full throttle without doing the research first. This mistake
leads to a plateau which in turn leaves the person
frustrated, and eventually they quit. Below, I will show
some important tips to build muscle mass quickly, correctly
and most importantly; safely.

A good foundation for muscle growth.

The dreaded plateau is commonly reached within two to three
months of the day the workout or muscle mass training
begins. The reason for this plateau is that the proper
foundation has not been laid out. In order to achieve the
ability to increase the weights used in a workout, the
bodybuilder must first incorporate a series of ten strength
workouts. These workouts allow the body to become
prepared for more intense workouts by gradually increasing
the weights as well as more rapid repetition, which will
then create muscle mass.

Focusing solely on the upper body.

Next, one of the most commonly found mistakes that lead to a
plateau are that most bodybuilders only focus on training
their upper body. The upper body consists of our arms,
chests and abs. These are the favorite training parts of
bodybuilders as they are more noticeable. However, you need
to train up your lower body as well in order to consistently
increase the weights you use throughout your muscle building
routines. Lower body muscle groups like our thighs are huge
muscles that should not be left out.

Focusing only on isolated exercises.

Exercises that train only a certain muscle group are called
isolated exercise. This is another common mistake beginners
make. Bicep curls and tricep extensions are a couple of
examples of these exercises. In order to achieve muscle
mass, the entire body must be included in the exercise
regimen. Therefore, compound exercises must be implemented.
These exercises allow the muscles to achieve higher weight
which in turn forces them to adapt to the increase and grow.

Are you guilty of these common mistakes? Have you reached
the dreaded plateau? These tips are very important in
achieving your quest for muscle mass. Having the proper
workout, technique and doing the research needed in order to
do it correctly is the only way to acquire your goal. In
addition, don't hesitate to ask an experienced bodybuilder
for tips; they will be more than happy to share the

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