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Why Seafood Should Be A Part Of Your Diet

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By Shannon Linnen

No matter what anyone says, seafood is healthy and should be
a part of everyone's diet. Seafood in general is high in
nutrients and vitamins, which no other food group can
provide. However, you have to be careful about where you get
your fish from. Local waters, like lakes and rivers, can be
contaminated and your fish could contain chemicals like
mercury or PCBs. The easiest way to obtain a healthy serving
of fish is to eat at your local restaurant or do some online
shopping. Online vendors, located in coastal regions, can
usually guarantee overnight shipping and freshness you
cannot get from anywhere else.

One of the reasons that seafood is healthy has to do with
the biochemistry and lifestyle of the fish. Fishes, in order
to breathe, must swim constantly. Their entire body is lean
muscle, the delicious seafood fillets that wind up on your
plate. Compared to the chubby unattractive cow, the life of
a fish is one constant streamlined marathon.

The simplest way to prepare salmon, for example, is to rub
it with some spice - simply salt and pepper will do - and
pan fry it in a quarter-sized drop of olive oil. 6 minutes
on the skin side first, then 3 to 4 minutes on the flesh
side should cook an average-sized salmon fillet through. A
side benefit to eating healthy seafood is that it is so
delicious and simple to prepare. Unlike unpleasant "healthy"
choices like algae goo and grass juice, seafood tastes
wonderful. You can't go wrong preparing fish dishes.

Lobster meat can by steamed by boiling lobsters in the
shells, but dealing with fresh live lobster can be
unnerving, and the best addition to lobster is drawn butter
- not as healthy as pan seared salmon. Serve it with
sauteed or steamed vegetables, and you've got a healthy and
filling meal.

Another healthy substitution is to grill tuna steaks instead
of greasy hamburgers, at your outdoor grill party. They
prepare exactly the same way. Your guests will agree that
seafood is healthy, and it also seems classier than humdrum
burgers, when arranged on nice plates with a colorful
garnish - maybe grated carrots and a lemon wedge.

The healthful features of seafood are the magical omega-3
fatty acids
, found mostly in salmon, and reputed to clear up
skin problems like acne, rosacea, and age lines.Fish is
important for many near-vegetarians, who rely on fish for
protein. These vegetarians are far healthier than those who
eat no meat at all. Also "good" cholesterol and "good" fat,
and a number of essential vitamins.

To conclude, fish is utterly beneficial to your health. It
is full of substances that are good for you, and unless the
fish is from some unsavory source, it is free of substances
that are bad for you.Eat some fish today, I know I will.Fish
can be prepared very easily, and it takes little seasoning
to make seafood taste good. Fish also has the added benefit
of being classier than red meat or poultry.

As recently as 5 to 7 years ago, finding good quality
seafood for people living far away from the coast was almost
impossible. The good news is that this is no longer the
case. You can now get very good quality seafood sent
straight to you, even if you life in Utah or Arizona. Fedex
and UPS both offer overnight delivery so when you choose an
online seafood vendor make sure they offer this shipping
option. If your not sure where to start, just search for
Quality Fresh Seafood, they are an excellent choice.

You can easily get
( lobster
clambake if you live close to the coast, but if you live
inland, it may be much more difficult. Of course the best
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