Monday, June 15, 2009

Fast Weight Loss is Bad Weight Loss

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By Morgan Vernelli

You've seen the advertisements and you've heard the miracle

Lose twenty pounds in one week!

Drop four dress sizes in fourteen days!

Lose fat and build muscle without doing any exercise!

Most fat diets and diet supplements make the same outrageous
claim: You'll lose weight fast. And in today's society of
quick-fixes, most of us are willing to jump at a chance to
get rid of our flab in a mere 48 hours - especially if it
doesn't require any work! In fact, most of us wish we had
lost the weight yesterday!

But most health experts agree that fast weight loss is bad
weight loss. Instead, they recommend that people lose weight
at about a rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week. And though this
may not seem like a speedy rate of weight loss especially
when compared to some of the outrageous claims made by diet
companies, a 2-pound-per-week loss of fat would mean you'd be
24 pounds lighter in just twelve weeks!

Sure, it would be great to lose those 24 pounds in just one
week. But it's not a good idea. Here's why:

It's impossible to sustain that rate for the long haul.
No matter why you're losing weight so quickly whether it's
diet, exercise or a supplement it's impossible to sustain
that kind of major weight loss rate for the long haul.
Eventually, you'll only lose a few pounds a week. And your
weight loss may even stall or plateau. For many folks,
especially people who have achieved big successes initially,
this can cause a rebound of returning to old habits.

The weight won't stay off anyway. Studies have found that
people who lose weight quickly almost always gain it back
again. There are exceptions, of course. But in general,
losing weight fast is a pretty good indicator that you'll
one day be wearing those pounds again. On the other hand,
folks who have managed to successfully lose weight and keep
it off are likely to have lost the pounds gradually over

It's bad for your health. Dramatic and fast weight changes
like losing lots of weight very quickly stresses your body,
your heart and your immune system. And, since you're likely
to put that weight back on again, you could start a cycle of
yo-yo dieting that will negatively affect your overall
health. Losing weight slowly, however, allows your body to
adjust to the changes gradually, which lessens the stress it
endures when you're dieting and following an exercise

It may be tempting to try a fad diet or extreme exercise
program in order to lose weight quickly. But the healthiest
method which is also likely to be more successful in the
long haul is to take off the pounds gradually and slowly.

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