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How To Eat Veggies Correctly To Speed Up Metabolism

Bell peppers and tomatoes

By Dan Beckwith

Is this you?

Of all the foods that speed up metabolism - which we feel as
increased energy - vegetables are tastiest, good for you and
fairly low in cost. But then, you already knew that.

You've been trying to eat a better, more balanced diet and
you try to include foods that speed up metabolism so you've
been eating plenty of vegetables. But for some unknown
reason, you barely have the energy to get through the day.

By the time you get home from work all you want to do is
plant yourself in front of the TV and relax until bedtime.

Finally, the next morning when the alarm goes off, you feel
like you've just finished running a marathon. You aren't
rested at all! You hit the snooze button as many times as
you can and then finally drag yourself out of the bed.
First destination? The coffee pot - ALWAYS!

You could be dragging because you aren't getting the proper
nutrition. You can stop blaming your bed! It could be your
veggies. Foods that speed up metabolism and provide the
right balance of vitamins and minerals will give you tons of
energy- if eaten correctly. Here's a possible culprit -
vitamins are water soluble.

Boiling is the most prevalent way of cooking vegetables.
But, boiling means you're dissolving the vitamins and
minerals! You literally pour them into the kitchen sink!
What's left - by comparison - is barely enough to keep you

Guess what? Most vegetables can be eaten raw. Plus, they
usually taste better that way! When given the opportunity,
always opt for raw. The up side is that there are TONS of
benefits to doing it that way.

First off, you'll stop wasting all those nutrients. Possibly
for the first time EVER, your body will start getting the
vitamins and minerals it needs. You will feel better in
general and will notice a bump in your energy levels almost

Second, raw vegetables just plain taste better.

Third, you save on having to clean up the cooking utensils.

Fourth, families can be a little non supportive at times so
you can get back at them! Loudly biting into and chewing a
stalk of celery or a nice crisp carrot can interrupt
conversations, evaporate trains of thought and if done
properly can drive your family crazy! Just don't start
laughing so hard you choke. (I've always thought maturity
was overrated.)

Fifth, they provide a lot of good roughage and fiber.

Your goal...try to eat at least one raw vegetable at each

Vegetables do have chemical and pesticide residues on them
when you get them from the store. Be sure to clean them
thoroughly. For a healthier option, if you want to cut out
the pesticides, try to buy organic vegetables.

Do you take a daily vitamin supplement? If not you should
probably start. The average diet does NOT provide all the
nutrients our body needs.

As you start eating healthier foods that speed up
metabolism, your food will provide more of the nutrients you
need. You shouldn't stop taking vitamins, but at least you
won't need them so desperately.

Start eating raw veggies and before you know it, you too can
be one of those irritating people who jump out of bed in the
morning all full of energy and raring to go!

When you've decided to stop feeling tired and run
down...when you want to learn about
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