Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

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By Paul Turner Katie Turner Paul E Turner

Got man boobs? man boobs exercises are targeted to get rid
of even the biggest man boobs. You need to be careful not to
make the chest muscles too big as that can actually make
your man boobs appear bigger. Therefore it's a good idea to
focus on cardiovascular exercises which are designed to burn
chest fat.

For those of you that don't know man boobs are caused by
fatty deposits under the chest. They are caused by various
things but the effect is always the same - man boobs!

Gynecomastia is the technical name for man boobs, and to
cure it you will probably have to look at more than exercise
alone. One of the causes of Gynocamastia is hormonal, so you
may need to watch your diet as well as performing man boobs

So the first of the man boobs exercises we will look at is
the humble push up. Why, because you get 3 benefits. 1 - you
get fitter. 2 - you tone up the man boob area, 3 - you tone
up the area around your man boobs which can actually make
your chest look smaller.

To really lose your man boobs though you are going to have
to burn chest fat. There is an excellent e-book that helps
you increase your metabolism and burn fat called "Burn the
Fat Feed the Muscle
" and I highly recommend you take a look
if you are serious about effectively losing fat.

If you like the water then try swimming - it not only burns
fat but it works and tones the chest area with each stroke.
For some men it can be embarrassing going topless and
showing off their "moobs" but you should feel good that you
are doing something about it - don't worry.

If these man boobs exercises don't cut the mustard with you
then you can always go for a good walk. A good walk for an
hour can be as effective as a 15 minute jog, the reason
being that you are keeping your heart rate elevated for
longer. As with all of these man boobs exercises you need to
be consistent though - you can't just do it once and expect
to reduce your man boobs!

Did you know that ( man
boobs exercises alone may not get rid of your man boobs and
it's not your fault - find out more about the causes of man
boobs and the easy way to get rid of them here -
The Chest Coach System

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