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10 Ways To Increase Your Potassium Intake

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By Daniel Jackson

Many people wonder why potassium is so important. The fact
is that your body would suffer terribly if you were to ever
have a deficiency. The first to suffer would be your heart,
it simply cannot function without it. A lack of potassium
would damage your cellular process and make you feel really
weak. Try not to ever get to the point of a potassium

With the importance of potassium out of the way, lets get
down to how best to increase your intake.

1. Nuts and seeds have very high concentration of potassium
so eat as much nuts as you can, that should give you a good
dose to last you for the day.

2. If eating nuts is an issue then your next best bet would
be to eat a bowl of cereal which is high in potassium such
as bran flakes. While it might not seem palatable it does

3. Eat some muesli and you won't have to eat the nuts or
seeds and you can definitely avoid the bran flakes.

4. Between breakfast and/or lunch, have a handful of dried
. They are very high in potassium.

5. You can also mix dried fruits into a food of your choice
such as a salad where something sweet wont be noticed too

6. Do you like raisins? If you do that's great news as they
are very high in potassium content and could be another

7. Do you like baked potatoes? Then you're in luck, they are
very high in potassium content and a single baked potato
will go a long way in terms of your daily intake. This does
not mean that you should be mixing it with anything else like
sour cream or cheese etc. Just the baked potato.

8. This might taste a bit unusual but the Cuban delicacy of
boiled plantains is a great source of potassium.

9. Whole wheat pasta and tomatoes are another great source
of potassium.

10. If you like sardines then that's yet another option.

Feeling motivated to increase your potassium intake?
Considering that twenty percent of Americans have
acute potassium deficiency and we all know where that can
lead to. Make the change today and get healthy.

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