Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Diet Delivered To Your Door - The Pure Package System

Deliveryman Holding Organic Vegetable Box

Came across this very cool and unique system where all your
meals - breakfast, lunch and supper - are prepared according
to your personalized needs and delivered to you everyday!
Had to shared this with you, check it out and let me know
what you think.

By Michelle Wells

The Pure Package diet delivery program offers an
incredibly easy way to eat the healthy meals you need!

You can enjoy delicious, freshly prepared, healthy meals and
snacks without having to shop for food, cook, count calories
or weigh portions anymore, because this diet delivery
program does all of that for you and delivers the food
directly to your door!

How much easier could it possibly get to attain your healthy
dietary goals?

The Pure Package was launched in 2003 from the home kitchen
of its founder, Jennifer Irvine. It has long outgrown those
humble beginnings and gone on to become an award winning company,
but still retains its standards of excellence and personal touch.

The Pure Package is an innovative diet delivery program
that delivers meals and snacks, enough for a whole day,
right to your front door (or other location of your
choosing) each morning before 6 am.

The foods are all expertly nutritionally balanced to contain
exactly the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and
essential fats you need to meet your dietary program.

The foods are all ethically sourced and free from artificial
additives, preservatives or colorings. The Pure Package
doesn't use food that has been genetically modified. You will
love the tasty fresh fruits and vegetables that are bought
daily from the New Covent Garden Market, just a short two
minute walk from the Pure Package kitchen.

The team at Pure Package understands that we all want to eat
healthy meals, but we also want them to taste good!

The meals and snacks are all prepared by talented chefs who
produce an astonishing variety of delicious, tempting,
healthy food! The kitchens are of the highest restaurant
standards with five star hygienic practices.

The Pure Package is environmentally conscious and
responsible, using ethical ingredients, carbon neutral
deliveries, and 100% recyclable packaging.

What Types of Diet Delivery Programs are Available?

There are seven types of diet programs available:

1. Weight Loss
2. Healthy Eating
3. Training Support
4. Pre and Post Baby
5. Skin and Ageing
6. Energy
7. Detox and Cleanse

When you get in touch with The Pure Package, either by phone
or online, their experts will help you to choose a program
specially designed to meet your specific health goals.

Special nutritional needs or food allergies are no problem!
Just let the team at Pure Package know, and your meals will
be adjusted accordingly.

How Does the Delivery System Work?

Each morning by 6am, a temperature controlled bag is
delivered to your door that contains all of your freshly
prepared meals and snacks for the day.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks are designed to be eaten cold,
and dinner meals should be warmed in the microwave.

At the end of the day, simply leave your empty bag on the
doorstep, and it will be exchanged for another full bag of
yummy food the following morning.

Its so easy! The ultimate luxury but healthy so you can enjoy
spoiling yourself without feeling guilty!

This diet delivery program offers an innovative new way to
eat the healthy meals you need!

Who Else Wants The ( Diet
Delivery Service From The Pure Package?

P.S. Unfortunately its only available in the U.K. at this time.
Anyone know of an equivalent in their country? Share it with us.

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