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One Of The Best Natural Treatments For Gout

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By John Horner

Grapes are incredible natural treatments for gout. They are
very good at helping you reduce or eliminate painful gout
symptoms. While grapes alone will not get rid of this
painful condition, they will greatly benefit you if combined
with other treatment therapies.

Grapes have several ways they contribute in treating gout.
These include quercitin, water, potassium, vitamin C, and

Grapes use quercitin to help treat gouty arthritis.
Quercitin is a powerful flavonoid. Flavonoids help address
the symptoms of this painful disease. They are able to do
this because they contain anti-inflammatory properties.
Inflammation is the main reason for gout pain.

This swelling starts when your uric acid levels get out of
balance. The extra crystals enter your joints and cause
damage and pain. Quercitin helps reduce this swelling.

Grapes are great for helping with hydration. They consist
of around 2/3 water. Eating water dense foods help you in
fighting gout pain. When you are properly hydrated your
body is able to help you eliminate extra uric acid crystals
more efficiently.

Potassium is a major factor in treating gout. This is one
reason grapes are good for helping with this painful
disease. Grapes contain only 5% of the daily allowance for
potassium, but when you add it to other potassium filled
foods, you can get the proper amount you need. Potassium is
helpful because it helps your kidneys function more properly
when eliminating excessive uric acid crystals.

Grapes are able to assist in reducing or eliminating gout
pain because they are filled with vitamin C. Grapes consist
of approximately 20% of your daily needs for this potent
vitamin. Vitamin C is very effective at fighting this
arthritic condition.

A study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism
(2005;52:1843-7) found taking Vitamin C during a 2 month
period at 500mg per day reduced uric acid levels by
approximately 10%. They found vitamin C helps prevent
purines from turning into uric acid. Being able to control
uric acid is important because most gout patients are unable
to keep their levels under control.

Anthocyanins are another reason grapes are great treatments
for gout. Anthocyanins are flavonoids and help control
swelling. Does the color of the grape make a difference?
Some would say yes. The higher the anthocyanins found in
the grape, the more beneficial the grapes are in reducing
swelling. Darker grapes would be better as they contain a
greater amount.

Grapes are so important when you are trying to treat gout
naturally. However, they are best used when combined with
other fruits. Many fruits, such as cherries, contain a lot
of these healthy properties that help you get rid of gout

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