Thursday, May 7, 2009

Over 40 Fitness Made Easy

Man Exercising with Dumbbells

There's no doubt that fitness over 40 is widely discussed by
medical professionals, organizations and people in all walks
of life. They may complain because they can no longer climb
flights of stairs due to uncomfortable knees.

Everyday, either an acquaintance or a friend will speak
about the diseases of the heart or elevated cholesterol or
even say that someone was diagnosed with diabetes or raised
blood pressure

Fitness programs are a good way to relax yourself and have a
less stressful life with a lot less diseases. Increasing
physical fitness levels help to build up muscle strength
which in turn supports joints and helps lower
arthritis-related pains.

Sadly, only 40% of individuals in the US get the suggested
amount of exercise and 75 percent are sedentary. This
statistical data is gradually increasing as is the number of
those who are suffering stress induced illnesses such as
cardiac disease, strokes, increased cholesterol levels,
raised blood pressure, and blood sugar disorders such as

Physical activity is not very helpful if it doesn't elevate
your coronary rate and breathing for 30 minutes, and fitness
over 40 programs don't always start in the gym. That may
mean taking a brisk 30 minute walk around the neighborhood,
jogging, riding bikes with the kids, rowing, watching TV
while on the treadmill, hopping on an physical exercise ball
or bouncing on a trampoline.

To start an over-forty fitness program, you should address
and think about changing your habits including nutrition and

Another thing to incorporate into your over forty program is
to eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables. A
nutritionist can help guide you slowly in the right
direction towards a healthier diet that you can stick to.

Five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables, 8 - 10
glasses of water and decreasing the amount of white flour in
your daily diet will go a long way to improving your health.

Exercise is always essential but you also need a firm
foundation of nutrition, diet, and new lifestyles that will
make you healthier. Your fitness over 40 program can consist
of cardiovascular and strength training.

Physical exercise that improves the cardiovascular system
includes bicycling, jogging, walking, swimming, jumping
rope, and using a trampoline or exercise ball. You'll have a
better time and stick with it longer if you vary your
training and work out with friends.

Should you do the strength training aspect of a program, you
should skip a day before performing it again - as an
example, if you do it on Monday you should not do it again
until Wednesday.

Two to three days per week, strength training can be done at
home with hand weights or at the gym. Not only will strength
training improve your figure, it will also increase the
strength of your joints and diminish your chances of getting

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