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How To Deal With Stress More Confidently

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By Samantha Jones

When you know what to do to relieve stress, you can approach
stressful situations with more confidence. We experience
stress when we are faced with anxiety or fear. This can be
as a result of physical danger or a situation which worries
us on an emotional level.

But as you may know, worrying never made any situation
better yet. Rather than worrying, you have to take action or
learn to accept situations as they are.

Stress can prevent us from taking action at the very times
when it is most important that we do so. Stress and anxiety
have a tendency to make us indecisive and take up more time
thinking about potential consequences than doing something
about a situation.

A lot of us will do this over thinking of problems while
under stress, believing that it is helpful to them. Most of
the time, this is not the case at all. People will think of
exactly how they can proceed and fail to take action, or be
so committed to a plan that they will be inflexible in the
face of changing circumstances with predictable results.

Most of the time when we are faced with a stressful
situation, the best thing to do is to act confidently and
work with the outcome to continue towards your goal.

To be able to do this, most of us could use some training in
assertiveness and conflict resolution. When the stress we
are experiencing is due to the expectations placed upon us
by others, this is especially important, doubly so when the
stress is due to arguments and conflicts.

It is also important to have a clear sense of what is
important and what is not, so that we don't sweat the small
stuff. This means having some perspective on our lives and
it is often achieved by taking up a new hobby or sport, some
useful activity that you can be enthusiastic about. This
will stop your whole life revolving around your work, your
relationship, your health or whatever it is that is causing
the stress.

A good way to defuse acute stress is to do some slow-moving
exercise like tai chi or yoga. Mediation and breathing
exercises can also be incredibly helpful. Even taking a walk
can help to reduce your stress level.

Autogenic training, a method of relaxation which was devised
specifically for handling stress consists of 15 minute
visualization sessions, preferably done three times a day.
You can buy CDs which teach you how to use this powerful
relaxation technique.

Another way to keep a lid on your stress level is to listen
to music. You should listen to down tempo music, preferably
instrumental. You definitely don't want lyrics which can
engage you emotionally.

Even with our hectic, over scheduled lives, you can avoid
stress. There are ways to cope with stressful situations and
you should even think of it as a challenge.

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