Monday, May 11, 2009

Boost Your Health By Stretching

View of a couple practicing yoga

Stretching is one of the most important types of exercise
for a person to do on a regular basis. This is because it
provides a number of different benefits to the body. Many
experts have been preaching about the benefits of stretching
for years. Sales of DVDs teaching how to do the
stretches correctly number in the millions each year.

Knowing the benefits that stretching provides to the body
may make people more inclined to stretch on a regular basis.
The major benefit of stretching is that it improves your
body's flexibility. When you do the exercises correctly, you
strengthen the tendons attaching the muscles to the bone;
this impacts almost all the body's muscles.

There is usually a lower chance of suffering muscle sprains
and strains if you stretch often. The reason for this is
that the body's muscles get used to moving in various
directions. In addition, they become resilient enough to
handle unexpected movements, which can lead to injury of the
muscles or tendons. You can also improve body strength with
regular stretching. This is achieved by the continual
challenges placed on the muscles.

Because stretching is a low impact exercise, it is
appropriate for people of all ages to do. Stretching
exercises for seniors and people with limited mobility helps
them to regain lost strength and rebuild their muscles. The
exercises are also appropriate for young children. Many
places have classes where parents and their toddlers can
stretch together in a group setting.

The exercise that the stretches provide for the body
increases the amount of blood flow through the body. This
can improve a number of different ailments. Your body
eliminates wastes more rapidly due to improved blood flow.
It also moves oxygen from the lungs to the brain and other
organs in larger amounts. The blood also flows through the
muscles of the body faster. This increases the strength and
the health of the muscles in a dramatic way.

Stretching is among the few exercises that benefits the
whole body. Plus, the frequency or length of the exercises
doesn't really matter. Doing stretching exercises frequently
will provide a bigger benefit and faster results. But even
moderate stretching can improve the health of the person
doing the exercises and give their body more mobility.

The benefits associated with these low impact exercises are
more than enough reason for everyone to stretch on a regular

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