Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Water - Nature's Wonder Drug

Lemons and Glass of Water

It will not be wrong to say that we are made of water
because two-thirds of our body contains water. Blood,
muscles and bones are all made of water. So it is not
surprising that we must keep drinking water to remain alive.
We can remain without food for several days but without
water we feel tired and exhausted within hours. Water is a
wonder drug from nature, whose benefits are many.

Nourishment of the body - Blood is 83% water and muscles are
75% water. Water supplies the essential vitamins and
minerals produced in the digestion process to all the organs
of the body in the form of blood. We can flex our muscles
because they contain water. If they do not get water, they
cry out with a spasm or a cramp. Our brains also need water
to function well. Physicians advise pregnant women to drink
a large quantity of water since the embryo needs it for

Body's detoxification - Water is very essential to the
proper functioning of the liver and kidneys. These organs
function to clean up the system from waste products and
toxic substances. Water, as urine, mucus and sweat then
effectively transports these substances out of the body. If
water is not sufficient, then these substances form kidney
and other complications. Water also helps to maintain
the alkalinity of the digestive system.

Water keeps the skin young - Drinking lots of water
maintains the skin moisture levels, otherwise the skin
becomes dry and flaky. Water also nourishes the skin with
nutrients and keeps it smooth and elastic. It is the not so
closely guarded secret of many women who do not seem to age
with years. Regular water consumption cleans away the
accumulation of fat and helps in maintaining weight.

It is sad to see that many young people resort to coffee and
tea when they are thirsty. Even though they are aware that
caffeine products cause dehydration, they continue to drink
them. This leads to more dehydration. The best solution is
to drink water. If you do not like the plain taste of water,
add some lemon or lime for flavor.

Normal human beings require 8 glasses of water everyday. It
might vary depending on your age, weight and body size, but
not too much. If you engage in athletic activities, your
water requirements will be more than normal. No one has ever
reported sick because of drinking more water. Always carry a
water bottle with you so that you will not drink sodas and
other dehydrating fluids.

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