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The Most Powerful Muscle Building Concept On The Planet

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By Josh Owen

If you're looking for an easy way to finally build muscle
, you've found the perfect article. I'm not sure why
anyone wouldn't want to build muscle. Muscle makes life so
much easier. You feel better, have higher energy levels,
you're stronger, and you're healthier. You can use this one
simple but powerful technique to build muscle quickly.

Building muscle doesn't 'just' help you look much better.
Muscle improves your appearance, and we all want that, but
do you know the true benefit of greater amounts of muscle
mass? Can you imagine feeling 100 times better? Imagine high
energy levels when you wake up. Imagine not feeling down or
tired any more. Body fat weighs you down while muscle mass
helps your body. You need more muscle and less body fat.
Then you'll feel better!

Okay, it's easy for me say you need more muscle mass and
less body fat, but how do you accomplish this? I'm going to
tell you about the most powerful muscle building concept on
the face of the earth. This is the secret to building

Of course, the first thing you must do is start lifting
weights. Weight lifting is required. Once you have
everything you need to start lifting weights, you must start
eating healthier. You need to eat lean protein sources,
natural carbohydrate sources, and essential fats with every
meal. Eat more often. You've got to eat enough food to gain
weight in order to build muscle. But these things are not
the powerful concept I want to tell you about. I want to
discuss a plan for your weight lifting program.

Start your next weight lifting program with very light
weights. I don't care how easy the set may be. Do higher
reps starting out with lighter weights. I then want you to
increase the weight each workout while decreasing the number
of reps. For example, you could start out lifting 95 pounds
for 15 reps and end your program with 305 pounds for 4 reps.
That huge weight increase over the weeks will ensure that
you've built plenty of muscle as long as your body isn't
accustomed to those weight loads.

This allows you to constantly provide your body with a
muscle building stimulus. This means you get quick results
from each and every weightlifting workout when you eat
correctly and optimize your rest from each weight lifting
session. You begin to see results and huge increases in
muscle size.

After you use this method of increasing the weight each
weight training session, you'll soon reach a point in which
it's hard to increase the weight. Fight hard for a few more
weeks only increasing a small amount each workout, and
then take a one week break from weight lifting. Then start
over! It's that simple. That is the quickest way to gain
muscle size.

In order to build muscle with this powerful concept, you
have to focus on gaining weight each week. But you want this
weight to be muscle and not body fat, right? You must focus
on eating the proper foods. Have 6 meals each day, and make
sure you're drinking enough water and eating plenty of
veggies. You should always strive to gain about 1 to 2
pounds of muscle each week. I recommend 1 pound of muscle
per week as any more than that will be body fat, and you
don't want that. Be patient. One pound per week is 52 pounds
each year!

How would you like a
weight lifting program intelligently designed around this
powerful muscle building method?
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