Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Secret To Long-term Weight Loss

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If you have been trying to lose weight, but have been
unsuccessful, new studies suggest that your diet may be to
blame. In the past it has widely been believed and taught
that a low-calorie diet will help people lose weight quickly
and safely. However, there is new evidence that the best,
most successful and long-term way that a person find
themselves shedding weight is through a high protein diet.

You might ask, why a high protein diet gives people
better weight loss results? It's a great question and there
is a real, scientific answer. Muscle burns more calories
than fat at rest. That means that a body that carries extra
weight will actually be more likely to continue carrying
that weight. That's why it's so hard for people to lose
weight quickly. When a person decides to go on a high
protein diet at the same time that they begin a vigorous
cardio and weight lifting routine, they are making the
factors work in their favor. Not only will they be burning
fat by doing cardio but they will be building muscle which
will make it easier to keep the fat off in the long-term.

Although a low-calorie diet might help a person lose weight
initially, it is exactly the kind of diet that will cause a
person to gain more weight if they falter. That's because no
muscle was gained in the process of losing weight. Losing
weight and building muscle is the best way to get fit, trim
and healthy.

Typically, if a person decides they want to put themselves
on a high protein diet, they should try to consume as many
grams of protein as they are pounds heavy. For instance, a
150 pound person would need to consume 150 grams of protein.
Although protein consumption should be spread out over the
entire day, a bulk of protein should be consumed right away
in the morning and after each vigorous workout. When you
consume protein after a workout, you are actually feeding
your muscles and telling them to grow.

Although people who go on high protein, muscle building
diets do not lose weight fast, they tend to keep the weight
off better in the long-term because they have replaced the
fat they've lost with muscle. If you are planning on going
on this type of diet, be sure to keep a protein shake handy,
as well as lots of lean protein meats like poultry and fish.

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