Friday, May 1, 2009

Can You Really Exercise To Get Taller?

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If you're so lucky to still be in your growing years, then
there's tons of stuff you can do to increase your height in
a natural way. There's a lot of lies around the web about
the process of growing, so forget what you've already heard
and go on reading this..

Your diet is extremely important if you wish to get taller,
and that especially during puberty and your growing years.
Be sure to eat food containing enough proteins, amino acids
and calcium. It'll do you good. If you get enough of these
nutritious foods your body gets what it needs to grow.
Exercising will also help.

But the cold and hard truth is that nothing can lengthen
your bones after you've stopped growing. There's too many
scams out there that tell you they know exercises that will
get you taller, even after puberty. These claims are
ridiculous, as there's simply no way it works.

To understand why it doesn't, let me tell you a little more
about how your body grows to begin with. As infants, our
bones mostly consist of flexible cartilage, and as we grow
older the cartilage fuses together into solid bone.

During the teenage years growth plates located on the ends
of the longer bones will eventually lengthen, but sooner or
later they will stop. Nothing can make them start
lengthening again.

But during those growing years, regular exercising to get
taller really does help to speed up the growth process.
Doing so will also make your bones stronger, as they have to
carry the additional weight of gained muscles.

Also keep in mind that you should stay away from junk-food.
Keeping a healthy diet can help prevent bone weakening
diseases that people often get when they grow old. Having
strong and healthy bones will also help your body prevent
some of the shrinking that happens to everyone as they grow

Another advantage of exercises to get taller while you're
still growing is that it will release height growth
hormones, also known as HGH, which speeds up the growth

So what exercises can you do to help you gain height?
Contrary to what you might have been told earlier, most
exercises that release HGH don't involve stretching.
Instead of thinking that you're doing this to get taller,
try to focus on building muscles instead. Doing so will
improve your overall appearance, as well as strengthen your

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