Thursday, April 30, 2009

How To Develope Healthy Eating Habits

Fresh Fruit Salad or Cheeseburger?

By Dan Beckwith

Good carbs, bad carbs, protein, nutrients...It can all get
pretty heavy duty. Healthy eating facts abound and can get
very confusing.

Today, let's put away the latest calorie counting charts and
discuss a tactic that is incredibly easy and is guaranteed
to help you lose weight, and eat more healthy. It is truly
one of the best healthy eating facts around.

Consider this, when was the last time you ordered a pizza or
went through the drive through at the local fast food place?

You know the super deluxe pizza, or the hamburger and fries
are bad for you... so, why? Why did you go there?

I'm sure there are exceptions, but my guess would be that
most of you grabbed the burger or pizza for no reason other
than - you didn't know what to fix for dinner. The fast food
place was on the way home, and it offered a simple solution.

To a surprising extent, our unhealthy diets exist for no
reason other than convenience. It's a fact - but, not one
of the healthy eating facts. The last thing we want to do
after a long day at work, is create a menu for our dinner.
We are tired! Then, when you consider the minefield of good
carbs, bad carbs and so on... it's even worse. BTW - it's
just as bad to toss a frozen pizza into the oven as it is to
order one.

Here's how to solve that problem...On your next day off (or
whenever you can) set aside a couple hours and plan your
dinner menu for each day in the coming week! Go two weeks if
you are feeling ambitious.

Put each meal plan on a separate sheet of paper in a 3 ring
binder. If you want to go all out, you can even separate the
days with pretty, multicolored tabs. Eventually, you will
probably want to laminate the pages.

Every night, when you get home, open your binder to that
days menu and prepare it. Here's the important part, we want
to make this a habit so never deviate from this daily plan.

You will totally stop the impulse buying from the local fast
food place, save a lot of money, and never have to worry
about what to fix for dinner.

It may seem overly simple, but it works and it will save you
quite a bit of money too!

If you had a personal chef, and their job was to fix you
healthy, nutritious, low-calorie meals, you would expect
them to pre-plan the menu. If they always waited until the
last minute for inspiration, you would most likely fire
them. Think of yourself in the same way, pre-plan your
meals. Then, don't change your plans during the week.

Right now, it may seem like a boring chore, but once this
becomes a habit you will learn to truly love your binder.

If you plan all your meals to be healthy ones, it MUST
eventually improve your health. It has to!

At the end of your first week, sit down and do it again.
Make up a new meal plan for the next week. Try to make them
all different recipes than the ones you had before. By the
end of the first month, you will have a months worth of
different recipes you can call on.

Every meal, for four weeks, will be different. This way you
will never get tired of eating the same meals over and over
again. They will all be tasty, nutritious and low calorie.
Once you've gotten this far, you can stop your weekly
planning and just continuously rotate the recipes in your

I think that's one of the best healthy eating facts out
there, and it will help you save a bundle at the grocery

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