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Want To Age Gracefully? Exercise Regularly

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There's no such thing as an anti aging exercise because
there is not just one particular training activity that can
fight aging. Rather, getting yourself into any regular
exercise plan can help you develop good health, maintain a
youthful lifestyle and age gracefully.

You won't be able to achieve anything if you're not going to
get off the couch. Aging means not being able to do the
things you like, whenever you want to. Incorporating
strength, aerobic and flexibility training in your exercise
program could just be your answer.

Strength Activities

Including strength training in your anti aging exercise
regimen has been known to reverse the aging process. When
you are strength training, you improve bone density and
muscle mass. By not exercising enough, the body loses muscle
tone, and when this happens your muscles become unable to
effectively support your skeletal frame. This means
developing age-related problems like bad posture and chronic
back pain.

The benefits of strength training include toned muscles,
tighter skin, prevention of arthritis and a higher metabolic
. A raised metabolic rate enables our bodies to burn
energy effectively even at rest. Strength training could be
done by lifting weights (as in weight training), through
resistance training (resisting opposing forces), and
isometric training (training requiring no net movement). It
is advised to do strength training 2-3 times a week.

Isometric training is good for those who are just starting
an exercise program because it is low impact. All you have
to do is tighten and loosen your muscles in a repetitive

Aerobic Workout

Slowing down the progression of aging is easy with aerobic
. Because it has more to do with endurance than
bursts of power, individuals from any age bracket can do
this type of training. Anyone can run, brisk-walk, and do
most other types of endurance training.

Aerobic training is also known as cardiovascular training
because it aids in the healthy circulation of blood in the
body. Healthy circulation helps bring sufficient amounts of
oxygen to different parts of the body. It is responsible for
your coordinating skills, responsive mechanisms and mental
clarity. When blood circulation is weak, you may become
easily faint, develop migraines and acquire severe problems
like heart disease and dementia.

To have superior endurance, de-stressing capabilities and
blood health, start getting into any regular aerobic
activity. At least 20 minutes of aerobic training everyday
is suggested.

Flexibility Workout

Whether you're already doing cardiovascular or strength
training, there's no excuse for not incorporating
flexibility exercises in your regimen. Stretching and
flexing is important before and after every workout session
because it preconditions your body so you are less prone to
joint, bone and muscular injuries.

There's a good reason why stretching and flexing is called
flexibility training. Those types of activities can greatly
recover joint troubles so that you're able to have a wider
range of movement.

Merging strength, aerobic and flexibility workouts in one
exercise program can give you the anti aging effects of
strength, speed, balance and alertness.

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