Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Truth On Why Your Six Pack Abs Are Not Showing

Muscled Abdomen

If you ask women what they consider the most attractive part
of a male body, the most likely answer you will get is
their six pack abs, those abdominal muscles with beautiful,
sculpted definition.

So, it isn't surprising to see every gym full of men doing
every exercise routine possible to get that much-prized
killer abs. Crunches, leg raises, sit-ups, and all other
kinds of body twisting trainings, these are what keeps these
men busy. Unfortunately, not all of these men end up
successful in making their abdominal muscles visible. What
is the reason?

Fallacy #1. To develop killer abs, you have to do
abs-specific exercises. You have to do many repetitions of
crunches, leg raises, sit-ups, and other similar exercises
in order to develop those rock solid muscles faster.

The truth is, no matter how many repetitions of these
exercises you do, it will never be possible to develop rock
solid muscles in your abdominals if there are layers of fat
covering your belly. The flabs of fat have to be removed
first before you can work out on your muscles. Otherwise,
your waistline will even become bigger while love handles
will become thicker because the muscles developed add to the
layers of fat. What do you need to do? Burn the fat by
taking care of your diet, making it the healthiest possible
and one that provides your body with all macro-nutrients

Fallacy #2. Gadgets, machines, electronic gizmos, slimming
pills and supplements are what you need for speedy
development of killer abs.

The truth is the makers of all these things claim they work
because they need revenues from their products. However, it
is not a good thing to rely on these machines because as
mentioned over and over again, you need the right
ingredients in order to develop rock hard ab muscles. These
three ingredients are proper nutrition, cardio interval
workouts, and quality strength training combined with

Fallacy #3. You can eat whatever you want as long as you are
rigidly working out.

To show your abdominal muscles, you have to reduce or lose
fats deposited around the belly area. To do this, you have
to lose fat permanently by having a mild-deficit caloric
restriction diet. Therefore, it is totally not a good idea
to eat whatever you want even though you are burning the
calories as you are working out your body. When you are not
careful with what you eat and drink, all your workouts will
be useless. Those unwanted fats and calories will still
stubbornly stay. To avoid that, your nutritional needs must
be met.

There are three things you need to remember: have a mild
calorie deficit diet, frequent cardio interval training, and
quality weight or strength trainings to permanently burn
fats away and develop muscles so six-pack abs will show up
on your body.
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