Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do You Want Effective Weight Loss? Strengthen Your Core

Muscular torso of man

Ask any gym buff what the most difficult part about
working-out is and chances are they'll say it's losing fat
quickly. A major detriment to working-out consistently is
boredom brought about by lack of motivation. Of course,
results will come even slower by skipping workout sessions

In muscle development and fat loss, how fast we achieve
results have less to do with body type (ectomorph,
endomorph, etc.) than how we eat and exercise. Losing weight
from body fat reduction really depends on how much excess
calories we have when we hit our pillows at night.

Any fitness expert will tell you that the problem of
fat-loss comes down to creating a calorie deficit- burning
more calories than we take-in through food each day. Due to
the sheer number of novelty diets and workout schemes out
there however, they will not always tell you the fastest way
of getting lean and forming a shredded six pack.

Core-strengthening exercises have recently been recognized
by experts to bring about faster gains in toning-up the body
and losing excess fat. The upper and lower abs, lower back,
the obliques and buttocks make-up our body's foundation- our
core. Strengthening our foundation will inadvertently
improve our strength, endurance and balance also.

The simultaneous activity of the core muscles translates to
more caloric energy being consumed, leading to fast and
effective weight-loss. Adding exercises that improve core
strength to normal workout routines is a good option for
frustrated folks who want results yesterday.

Doing typical workout routines are quite ineffective in
developing core strength. Normal gym routines leave-out
certain muscles of the midsection because of their limited
movement.The same applies to all those traditional cardio
machines, never my favorite weight loss method.
Incorporating Pilates sessions into your weekly workouts
will let you reap the maximum benefits of core exercises
and ensure rapid gains.

The wider range of motion and balancing efforts involved in
Pilates and core exercises recruits more muscle fibers
around the midsection. This entails further usage of stored
calories from body fat, toning-up the body and giving you
faster results and increased motivation.

Increasing the efficiency of your exercise sessions by
maximizing calorie burn can shorten the hours you spend in
the gym- letting you focus on other priorities. Improving
your core-strength will also lessen back pain and injuries
from bad posture at the same time giving you a lean,
well-defined abdomen.
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