Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Make Fat Loss Work For You

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With a huge percentage of the population of Western
countries overweight and out of shape, it's no wonder that
the demand for fitness products is as strong as ever. Diet
pills, protein shakes and exercise gadgets are selling like
crazy as people try to lose weight and have a better quality

As the culture of fast-food spreads across the globe, an
increasing number of people are falling prey to the
temptations of high-calorie junk food. Obesity is on the
rise and together with it other diet-related diseases like
diabetes and high-blood pressure.

In their quest to lead healthier lives and find the fastest
fat loss method, overweight people embrace the newest fad
diet that comes along. The word 'fad' precedes 'diet'
because that's just what they are - popular for a while then
as folks realize their effects aren't sustainable, these
over-hyped diet plans are quickly dropped for the next one
that comes along.

Getting rid of excess fat is only a matter of burning more
calories than our body takes in each day. Office work and
commuting takes up most of our hours and this means we're on
our butts for most of the day. Losing weight then by just
cutting back on food intake won't be very successful without
regular workout sessions.

Fat loss happens faster when we exercise and use up a larger
amount of caloric energy than we get from our daily
consumption of food. Aside from improving our physique,
working out regularly also conditions the cardiovascular
and produces endorphins which improve our mood.

Trying to cut back on calories by passing-up breakfast or
lunch can also lead to a feeling of self-deprivation. This
only serves to make us vulnerable to loss of self-control
and pigging-out the next time we go to a party or a buffet
table. Eating too much in one meal if done regularly results
in an ugly potbelly after a while.

Experts say it's more effective to eat small portions
whenever we get the munchies rather than stuffing ourselves
every meal. Doing this can also keep our metabolism high and
lets us burn calories more efficiently. It's been discovered
that our metabolic rate slows down considerably when our
body senses a shortage of food.

Having healthy eating habits and sticking to regular
fat-burning exercises (cardio and strength training) will
help speed-up fat loss and keep metabolism high. Raising the
body's metabolic rate means less calories transformed to

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