Monday, April 6, 2009


Woman eating bowl of fruit

Rich in nutrients and vast in variety, fruit and vegetables
are a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Try these tips to
meet or exceed your recommended daily ration of nature's
health boosting bounty.

1. Blend a banana with frozen berries, plain low-fat yogurt
and milk for a delicious fruit smoothie.

2. Couscous is a nourishing staple of African cuisine,
painstakingly prepared from semolina or barley. But don't
just eat it on its own: mix it with crispy roast vegetables,
browned in their own juices, and add a topping of green
salad and lemon juice to make a meal on its own.

3. Test your fruit and veggie literacy by working your way
through the alphabet of options on your 5 a day plan. A is
for Artichoke, B is for Butternut, C is for Courgette... and
if you get stuck at X, try Xigua, the Chinese name for a
variety of small watermelon.

4. Slice a banana along its length and coat the inside with
peanut butter. Stick it back together, and serve it to your
kids as a Peanut Butter Banana Boat.

5. Take a dip-bowl of low fat cottage cheese and, taking a
circular tray, surround it with alternating slices of fresh
fruit and vegetables. Tuck in at your convenience.

6. Peel and cut a pineapple into hefty vertical slices.
Slide it onto some skewers, and sprinkle lightly with curry
powder for an authentic street-stall treat.

7. The Kiwi fruit adds an exotic burst of flavor to a salad
or desert. Its tangy on the tongue with just a hint of
sweetness. But to really enjoy it to its fullest, eat it like
the Kiwis do: bite by juicy bite, with the skin on. Don't
forget to give it a good wash first, and remember, all that
extra fiber is good for you!

8. Take a big red apple and slice it into little strips,and
cunningly serve as "apple chips" to the young ones.

9. Raid your vegetable drawer to make a hearty soup or stew,
and you are guaranteed to get your recommended quota of 5
healthy portions a day!
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